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"We were not prepared to sit back": Radical Sportscars CEO discusses how the business has diversified during Covid-19 crisis

Writing for The Parliamentary Review, Radical Sportscars CEO Joe Anwyll discusses how the company has adapted to the Covid-19 lockdown, and how it has developed a new facet to its offering to keep connected to the wider Motorsport world.

Radical Sportscars launches its first virtual race championship during Covid-19 lockdown

As governments across the world encourage the citizens of their nations to remain at home during the Covid-19 pandemic, racing and track car designer, producer and exporter, Radical Sportscars, has launched its first ever virtual race championship to enable its drivers to compete.

Talon Outdoor’s Ada platform maps movement of UK population during Covid-19 pandemic

Talon Outdoor is an independent out-of-home [OOH] media specialist and a significant player in its industry. Using analysis from its data management platform Ada, Talon has been able to trace how the UK population has been moving throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

Events industry will change after Covid-19, the Creative Engagement Group’s Ben Atherton says

The Creative Engagement Group’s global client engagement director, Ben Atherton, believes that the live events business will inevitably change beyond the outbreak of Covid-19 and has outlined his own five predictions for the “new normal” in the sector.

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