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Lowered price caps see energy bills fall for millions

The default price and pre-payment meter cap have been lowered by £17, which will result in bill reductions in some 15 million houses, according to Ofgem.

Rolls-Royce develop plans for mini nuclear reactors

Rolls-Royce have told the BBC about their plans to construct, install and operate mini nuclear power stations by 2029.

Government’s next move on shale gas significant for companies like PR Marriott Drilling

After the Conservatives were re-elected to government in December, a number of firms and environment campaigners will be anxious to discover whether the indefinite suspension on fracking is set to continue.

Momentum growing behind Willshee’s call for government support in energy-from-waste sector

Calls from one industry expert for increased government support in the energy-from-waste sector are likely to intensify after Essex County Council recently announced that 200,000 tonnes of waste from an underperforming Basildon waste plant will be sent to landfill as of early 2020.

Saudi Aramco reaches record in share sales

State-owned Saudi Aramco has raised a record amount of $25.6 billion [£19.4 billion] in share sales after stakes in the company were offered out to the public in Riyadh.

Current central heating systems threaten green targets, says cross-party group

Cross-party think tank Policy Connect has said that current central heating systems may prevent the UK from meeting its 2050 climate change targets in a new report.

EDF raise Hinkley Point C costs by £3 billion

EDF have identified “challenging ground conditions” as the reason for Hinkley Point C running almost £3 billion over budget.

EU could reduce winter energy exports to Britain after Brexit, industry leader says

Brexit may put the UK at risk of gas supply shortages and rising prices in winter according to European energy mogul Marco Alvera.

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