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Government in deal to acquire 90 million coronavirus vaccine doses

The UK government has signed deals to acquire 90 million doses of promising coronavirus vaccines that are currently in development.

ORG calls England’s test and trace programme unlawful on data protection grounds

The Open Rights Group [ORG] has said that England’s test and trace programme is unlawful and has been since its initiation on May 28, after the Department of Health admitted that there had been no assessments on the impact that the scheme would have on people’s privacy.

Minority of local councils set to comply with government plans to reopen schools

A mere 20 out of 99 English local authorities which participated in a BBC survey will advise schools to open their doors to more pupils from the government’s planned date of June 1.

Teachers unions to meet scientific advisers over June 1 reopening plan

Teachers’ unions will meet with the government’s scientific advisers on Friday to ensure that plans to reopen schools in England from June 1 can be carried out safely.

Welsh schools will not reopen on June 1, education minister says

Education minister Kirsty Williams has said that schools in Wales will not re-open on June 1.

Schools to be reopened in "phased manner", education secretary says

Education secretary Gavin Williamson informed the Education Select Committee that the reopening of schools in England is likely to come in phases.

Rakem philosophy mirrors government apprenticeship sentiment

The Department for Education [DfE] has urged parents to look beyond misconceptions around apprenticeships, after new research shows that such views could be holding children back from pursuing lucrative careers.

Vita Skills set for shake-up in adult education funding

A consultation process on a “more transparent” system for setting funding rates for some apprenticeship standards has been launched as part of the government’s wider review of post-16 qualifications at level 3 and under.

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