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Employers can do more to address staff shortfall posed by Brexit, according to recruitment specialist Human One

Before the 2016 referendum on EU membership, net migration from the bloc hit a peak of 219,000. This figure has been in steady decline ever since the British people voted to leave and has fuelled concerns of a Brexit associated skills shortfall, particularly with an Australian-style points based immigration system set to enter force once the Brexit transitional period has lapsed. Yet, recruitment specialists are still adapting to ride out the storm in their industry, and one in particular feels that industry and employers may have the answer to dealing with the staff shortage they fear.

Business still needs clarity on propsoed points-based immigration system and its implications

When it came to addressing immigration, the 2017 Conservative manifesto sought to reduce net migration to less than 100,000, a longstanding target which came under fire. In 2019, Boris Johnson abandoned this in favour of an Australian style points-based system, which would entice the “brightest and the best”.

EU net migration figures back up Total Project Integration’s concerns for the UK workforce

Prior to the 2016 referendum on EU membership, net migration from the bloc was at a 219,000 peak. Since the British electorate made the decision to leave, this number has been in steady decline. It is now at its lowest level since 2003, less than a quarter of the 2015 high.

Improved border security a post-Brexit priority for the Conservatives

The Conservatives say that they will introduce automated exit and entrance checks as part of improvements to the UK’s border security after Brexit should they be re-elected this December.

Official immigration figures align with Scion Mastery’s views on Brexit

A prominent issue within the wider Brexit debate since the result of the 2016 referendum on EU membership has been the impact that leaving the bloc will have on immigration and how it has already affected UK net migration.

Conservatives will reduce “immigration overall” home secretary says

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said that the Conservatives will cut down on “immigration overall” post-Brexit should they win December’s general election.

Conservatives announce new ‘NHS visa’ scheme ahead of election

The Conservatives have said that their proposed ‘NHS visa’ will make it easier for doctors and nurses from other countries to come and work in the UK post-Brexit, should the party win December’s general election.

Home Office proposes new extended stay rules for student visas

The Home Office has proposed that international students will have the right to remain in the UK for two years after completing their degree in order to find work.

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