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NHS "at risk" in future US trade deal, claims Corbyn

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn claims to have evidence that the NHS would be on the table in a trade deal with the US after Brexit.

Hospital waiting lists hit record high in England

Record numbers of patients are now on hospital waiting lists in England, with delays for A&E care also at their highest recorded levels in history.

Labour make election pledge to invest additional £26 billion in NHS

The Labour party’s latest election pledge is to invest an extra £26 billion a year into an NHS “rescue plan” which will be funded by higher taxes on companies and the wealthy.

SNP promise to protect NHS from privatisation in its election manifesto

The SNP’s election manifesto will include a pledge to introduce legislation protecting the NHS from privatisation and excluding it from any future trade deals.

Conservatives announce new ‘NHS visa’ scheme ahead of election

The Conservatives have said that their proposed ‘NHS visa’ will make it easier for doctors and nurses from other countries to come and work in the UK post-Brexit, should the party win December’s general election.

ANCON Technologies’ NBT product to be trialled by NHS in autumn

The NHS will trial ANCON Technologies’ innovative Nanoparticle Biomarker Tagging [NBT] breath test at two hospitals in the autumn, in order to detect a number of diseases including cancer, dementia and tuberculosis.

Lymphoedema Specialist Services take the initiative on preventative care

Lymphoedema Specialist Services (LSS) will be changing course and adopting an innovative approach to care, set to commence in January 2020, says Director Jane Board.

Mistura highlight UK medication risks and importance of patient choice

As the general election race hots up, it is the NHS that is dominating the field of political debate alongside the Brexit saga. Every major party is promising to pump money into the health service, but there are other major issues to consider outside of funding. One of these is education on medication and its impact on some of the most vulnerable in society.

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