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PM to seek approval for Withdrawal Agreement Bill in key Commons vote

Prime minister Boris Johnson will look to win the support of MPs in a vote on his Withdrawal Agreement Bill, paving the way for the UK to leave the EU by the Article 50 deadline of October 31 as planned.

Government to push for deal vote today

The government has called for a “straight up-and-down vote” on the prime minister’s Brexit deal today.

Parliament to meet for special Brexit sitting

Parliament is set to meet for a special Saturday sitting on October 19 to discuss the future of Brexit.

Parliament to be prorogued next Tuesday

Following the previous attempt to prorogue parliament, the government has confirmed its intentions to prorogue parliament next Tuesday.

Attorney General: “This parliament is a dead parliament”

MPs have engaged in a tense showdown in the House of Commons on Wednesday over the government’s decision to prorogue parliament.

Prorogation: which bills have been lost?

When parliament is prorogued, as Boris Johnson did on September 9, all existing bills are dropped unless the government expressly chooses to carry them forward to the next session of parliament.

Parliament to be prorogued tonight

During today’s morning lobby briefing, No.10 has confirmed that parliament will be prorogued after the finishing of today’s parliamentary proceedings.

MP’s react to proroguing of parliament

After the Queen consented to prime minster Boris Johnson’s request for the proroguing of parliament yesterday, there have been a range of reactions from MPs across the country.

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