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Supreme Court announces prorogation is unlawful

Following a three-day hearing, the Supreme Court has announced that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament was unlawful.

Supreme Court to determine legality of prorogation

Supreme Court judges will decide today whether prime minister Boris Johnson has acted illegally in proroguing parliament.

Domestic abuse bill to be reintroduced following prorogation of parliament

A bill introduced by Theresa May’s government in July will be reintroduced by prime minister Boris Johnson in the Queen’s speech on October 14.

Prorogation: which bills have been lost?

When parliament is prorogued, as Boris Johnson did on September 9, all existing bills are dropped unless the government expressly chooses to carry them forward to the next session of parliament.

Parliament to be prorogued tonight

During today’s morning lobby briefing, No.10 has confirmed that parliament will be prorogued after the finishing of today’s parliamentary proceedings.

Government to ask Queen to suspend parliament

The Privy Council, instructed by Boris Johnson’s government, will today ask the Queen to suspend parliament until October 14.

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