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General Teaching Council for Scotland elects new convener

Members of the General Teaching Council for Scotland [GTC Scotland] have re-elected former Aberdeen headteacher David Innes as the council’s new convener.

Covid-19: Ethical Maintenance chief discusses importance of community engagement through pandemic

In conversation with The Parliamentary Review, Kevin Wilkinson, the managing director of Ethical Maintenance in Scotland, discusses the challenges that Covid-19 has thrust upon the business and the importance of community engagement in the property management industry both through the pandemic and when the UK eventually emerges from it.

Kirsten Oswald MP: Scotland deserves better than Boris

Prime Minister’s Questions is the highlight of the parliamentary week. MPs bob up and down to catch the speaker’s eye as the prime minister and party leaders trade soundbites in parallel conversations aimed mainly at the media.

PISA results paint an incomplete picture, the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Ken Muir says

Although we have now begun the new year in earnest within our schools, colleges and other education establishments across Scotland, as well as looking forward to what lies ahead throughout the course of 2020, it is still worth reflecting on the year behind us.

Indyref2 backed by Unison

Unison, the largest trade union in Scotland, has offered their support for a second Scottish independence referendum.

Mandate for Indyref2 under dispute with Section 30 Order unlikely under Johnson ministry

While December’s general election yielded a significant victory for Boris Johnson’s Conservatives, the outlook in Scotland could not have shown more of a contrast. The SNP increased its contingent of MPs in Westminster to 48, with the Tories losing more than half of their Scottish constituencies.

Shetland by-election maintains Lib Dem’s safest seat

Considered the safest Lib Dem seat in Scotland, the Shetland by-election has been won by Lib Dem candidate Beatrice Wishart.

Johnson pledges £300 million to "strengthen the union"

Boris Johnson has pledged £300 million in extra funding in an attempt to “strengthen the union” and boost growth in the devolved nations.

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