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Covid-19: Labour leader says PM is mismanaging pandemic

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told The Guardian that prime minister Boris Johnson is mismanaging the Covid-19 pandemic by easing lockdown restrictions too quickly and is putting the country at risk of a second upsurge in cases.

Government could loosen quarantine rules after backlash

The government is exploring means to relax its mandatory 14-day quarantine rule for new arrivals entering the UK from June 8.

MPs to vote on Parliament’s working procedure on Tuesday

Following Parliament’s return from recess, MPs will vote on plans for future working procedures on Tuesday after the previous “hybrid” working arrangements lapsed in May.

Clinically vulnerable people allowed to leave home as of this week

From Monday, people in England and Wales who are deemed vulnerable to Covid-19 will be able to venture outdoors for the first time in ten weeks.

UK car manufacturing output falls

Over April, British car manufacturing output fell by 99.7 per cent compared to the same month in 2019.

Some National Trust sites to reopen in June

From June 3, The National Trust will reopen around 29 gardens and parks in England and Northern Ireland.

Dentists to reopen from June 8

Dental practices in England have been informed that they are able to reopen from June 8, as long as they have stringent safety measures in place.

PM announces launch of England’s contact tracing system

Speaking before the Commons Liaison Committee, prime minister Boris Johnson announced the launch of England’s new Covid-19 track and trace system, which will officially come into place from Thursday.

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