News | Published October 21 2019

The Department of Transport and Omnibus discuss Technology

The Department for Transport has pledged to invest nearly £1 million in tech-focused transport start-ups.

The Transport-Technology Research and Innovation Grant has been made available to those entering or new to the transport sector who may be able to solve key issues facing the industry.

One of these is tackling carbon emissions, an issue which has gained prevalence in the mainstream media in the last year. This, coupled with an improvement in air quality, is a key aim for the department, and October has seen it actively seek start-ups to invest in that may help to achieve these goals.

A further area of interest is in increasing infrastructure resilience and making it accessible to all.

The department aims to target its investments, offering grants of up to £30,000 per project. George Freeman MP, the Minister for the Future of Transport, said "schemes like this grant will ensure the UK retains its reputation as a world leading innovator."

Technology in transport has been an area of significant growth over the last few decades.

Pioneers in this field, Omnibus, the Oldham based software and consultancy company who work with over 70 per cent of UK bus operators, have been firm proponents of the value that technology and innovation can bring to the sector. 

Peter Crichton, the Managing Director of the organisation, said in his article for The Parliamentary Review: "I have always believed from the outset that software should reduce the complexity of routine processes" adding "a capable relationship with the IT world has enabled us to keep up with the latest technological developments and at the same time look for ways in which the sector can benefit from them."

As an organisation with thirty years in the industry, Omnibus could provide strategic insight to the Department of Transport as they look to improve the technology element of the industry.

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October 21 2019

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