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The Weekly Review: Jan 27 - Feb 2

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The effectiveness of the £46 million “Get Ready for Brexit” campaign has been queried the National Audit Office.

Speaking at the end of Wednesday's PMQ’s session, Speaker Lindsay Hoyle delivered a statement to the House announcing new transparency measures

In a letter to all government departments, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid and Boris Johnson have set hard commitments for each department to make savings which equal five per cent of their total budgets.


According to figures published by the Centre for Retail Research, there have already been 10,000 job losses in the retail sector since the start of 2020. According to analysts, this is likely to increase.

Amazon’s Christmas sales rose by 21 per cent compared to the previous year, despite the rest of the retail sector struggling over the festive period.


The Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s financial regulator, has written to High Street banks, asking them to explain the reasoning behind their new overdraft rates.

The Financial Conduct Authority will investigate a rise in the pound which happened directly before the Bank of England announced they would maintain interest rates at 0.75 per cent.


2019 saw the lowest rate of car production since 2010, with output predicted to continue falling this year.

Yesterday, manufacturing groups met with Michael Gove to ask for clarity over Britain’s future relationship with the European Union.


A Nationwide survey has revealed house prices have risen at their fastest rate for the first time in over a year, with an increase of almost two per cent in January.


Under a revised version of the Environment Bill which has been presented to parliament, exporting plastic waste to developing countries will be banned or, at least, heavily restricted.


The government will introduce a Global Talent visa targeted at scientists, mathematicians and researchers in February this year.

Social care

The council for Blackpool, the seventh most deprived local authority in England, will cut 75 jobs and raise council tax by 4 per cent, the maximum allowed, to pay for children’s services.

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