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The Weekly Review: Nov 18 - Nov 24

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The Conservative Party has been heavily criticised for changing the name of their press Twitter account to “factcheckUK.”

At an event held in Birmingham yesterday, the Labour party launched its manifesto for the upcoming election. You can read the key police announcements here

Speaking in London, Nigel Farage has pledged that the Brexit Party will oversee a “political revolution that puts ordinary people first” should it win December’s general election.


Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson has said that the party would scrap business rates and instead implement a new tax on commercial landowners should they win December’s general election.

Labour shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said that the Institute for Fiscal Studies “got it wrong” when its director Paul Johnson said that Labour’s tax plans to fund its spending pledges were not viable.


The Liberal Democrats have promised to invest billions into schools should they win December’s general election, including on the recruitment of 20,000 more teachers over five years.


The Labour and Conservative parties are expected to announce their plans to address England’s housing crisis on Thursday, with Labour due to unveil its election manifesto.

The Conservatives plan to impose a three per cent surcharge on stamp duty for non-UK tax residents purchasing properties in England, should they win December’s general election.


The Labour party has promised that everyone will be entitled to free dental check-ups in England should it succeed in winning December’s general election.

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said that the Conservatives will provide an extra £1 billion a year to properly resource social care in England for the next five years should they win the December 12 general election.

The World Health Organization have released a study which indicates that 80 per cent of children aged between 11 and 17 are not exercising enough.


The Labour party has pledged to form a new climate apprenticeship programme which will “upskill” the workforce by an average of 80,000 people annually and make the UK fit to compete in a new, green economy.

China’s increased coal capacity over the last 18 months could compromise the climate change targets outlined in the Paris agreement, according to a recently-published study.


Tata Steel is set to cut around 3,000 jobs in its European arm after a failed bid to merge with German steel giant ThyssenKrupp in the summer.


Ahead of the December 12 general election, prime minister Boris Johnson has promised that the police will be provided with “greater freedoms” to use stop and search tactics against known knife carriers.

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2019 has been a year in which the state of finances and the manner in which clubs are run in English football have once again come under scrutiny. Little over a decade ago, another English football club found itself in similar times of turmoil. Luton Town Football Club was bought out of administration in July 2008 by a consortium of supporters known as Luton Town FC 2020 Ltd [LTFC 2020].

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