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Tory rebels warn Corybn over plan to stop no-deal

An independent MP, who has been instrumental in trying to block a no-deal Brexit, has written to Jeremy Corbyn reaffirming his commitment to do so via legislative means.

Nick Boles, who previously sat as a Conservative, said the Labour leader should rule out backing a general election that could lead to a no-deal on 31 October.

It comes after senior Conservative MPs and other independents poured cold water on Jeremy Corbyn's plans for an early vote of no-confidence.

Mr Corbyn invited senior MPs to meet him and discuss ways to stop a no-deal Brexit.

He previously offered to head a temporary unity government with the sole intention of delaying Brexit and triggering a general election.

In a letter to the Labour leader, Boles said he planned to seize control of the parliamentary order paper and pass an act of parliament compelling the prime minister to seek an extension to article 50.

“It is essential that you declare publicly that you will not facilitate an election before an extension of article 50 has been secured and a no-deal Brexit has been averted,” he wrote.

“Until you do so, people will continue to doubt the sincerity of your declared opposition to a no-deal Brexit and your readiness to put the interests of the country before the interests of your party and your personal ambitions.”

Anna Soubry, the leader of the fledgeling Change UK, said she would attend the meeting but doubled down on her insistence that MPs pursue legislative routes to stop no-deal.

Dominic Grieve, another prominent Tory rebel, said he could not attend the meeting as it clashed with a prior commitment but added it was “a matter of public record that I am open to meeting with him at a mutually convenient time”.

Boles quit the Conservative party earlier this year, dramatically crossing the floor after saying his party ‘refused’ to compromise on Brexit. 

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Joshua Sandiford
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August 25 2019

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