News | Published November 27 2018

Treasury release transport spending data after Omnibus call for increased use of technology

In the latest Transport Edition of the Review, two-time contributor Omnibus discussed how it is using technology to increase efficiency in public transport, a comment that appears increasingly relevant given the Treasury's report into the efficiency of government spending. The report stated that in London, the government spends over £1,000 per person on transport each year.

The report included figures that show how much money the government spends on a variety of public services throughout the country, analysing each sector by region. The results show that in terms of transport spending in particular, twice as much has been spent in London as in the north of England since the coalition government.

  • Review of public spending funding reveals differences between London and the rest of the UK
  • Transport in particular was an area with large discrepancies

Increases in spending in London since 2013-14 total over £300 per person, while that number is significantly lower in the north at just £146 per person. It was also calculated that London receives more than three times as much funding as Yorkshire and Humber, which the report suggested was one of the most poorly funded regions in the UK for public services.

A spokesperson from IPRR North, a think tank that focuses on issues that affect the north of England, expressed their disappointment at the fact that the government had failed to deliver on the promises that had been made as part of the launch of the Northern Powerhouse project. They continued, "people are continuing to suffer the very real effects of decades of underinvestment, and the ongoing chaos on northern trains is a clear sign of how far there is to go."

Omnibus, a Manchester-based software company that specialise in solutions for the UK public transport sector, discussed in their article how they are looking to create "efficient and robust schedules to operate public transport services" across the UK. Omnibus employs a team of professionals with "many years’ experience working in public transport operations" which allows them to offer a variety of services to their clients in the sector.

Concerning the changes that have taken place in the sector, Managing Director Peter Crichton explained that "those involved [in the sector] have had to adapt to new challenges". Despite these challenges, he explained that "we strive to find ways to assist wherever possible and, as a result, are now a well-respected member of the public transport community".