News | Published March 02 2020

Two thirds of households fail to meet government energy targets

Data analysed by the BBC has revealed that almost two thirds of homes in the UK do not meet energy efficiency targets.

Over 12 million homes do not meet the C grade on the Energy Performance Certificates, which is graded between A and G.

The measures consider how a property is glazed and insulated as well as uses of alternative measures to reduce energy usage. The closer to an A grade a house is, the more efficient it is considered to be.

At present people are paying more on their energy bills as well as emitting more CO2 into the atmosphere than required.

The government has admitted they need to move "much further and faster" in order to meet targets and improve efficiency on a household level.

Due to the fact many homes were built prior to 1990, experts suggest that that retrofit measures are required in order to meet targets.

Research academic at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Sustainable Development, Dr Tim Forman, has said that the net zero carbon target of 2050 could only be met by a national project, the scale of which had not been seen since World War Two.

Forman said that: "There's a desperate need to do something, not in ten to fifteen years, but now."

A government target has been set, with as many homes as possible reaching a C grade by 2035, however, critics of the proposal have said that the plan appears to have "fallen off a cliff".

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy said that it was “exploring how to halve the cost of retrofitting properties and investing over £320m into helping heat homes with lower carbon alternatives, such as heat networks and heat pumps".

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Alice Jaspars
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March 02 2020

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