News | Published August 09 2020

UK appoints new permanent UN representative

The UK has appointed Dame Barbara Woodward, the British ambassador to China, as its permanent representative in the United Nations.

Dame Barbara is the second woman to take on UK role, replacing Dame Karen Pierce who took up the post of ambassador to the US in February this year.

Responding to her appointment, she said that she was “delighted” with being handed the role at a time of “pressing global challenges”.

In its capacity as a founding member of the UN, a permanent member of its security council, Dame Barbara said that the UK has “a vital role to play”.

Dame Barbara has previously held a number of Foreign Office roles, including international director of the UK Border Force.

Foreign secretary Dominic Raab said that she would bring "formidable intellect and dynamic diplomatic skills" into her new role, and that she would “deliver for Britain and forge the cooperation we need with our international partners to tackle the toughest global challenges we face”.

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
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August 09 2020

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