News | Published June 04 2019

UK businesses meet with Trump

Donald Trump met with business leaders from the UK and US to discuss future trading relations today.

Ten executives, five from each country, attended the breakfast meeting today at St James’ Palace.

During the meeting, Trump said he believed there was the opportunity to increase trade links between the two countries, adding that he believes there will be “a very, very substantial trade deal”.

May described how there were “huge opportunities” for Britain and the US to work
together going forward.

She suggested that there was a need for “a good bilateral trade deal” in order to take what was already a “great partnership” further.

On the guest list were companies from a wide range of different sectors including defence, banking and pharmaceuticals.

The UK businesses invited were BAE Systems, National Grid, GlaxoSmithKline, Barclays and Reckitt Benckiser.

Companies from the US in attendance were Lockheed Martin, Estee Lauder, Splunk and JP Morgan.

Trump’s visit has not been without its controversies though, attracting critics regarding his opinions and recent comments.

Trump recently referred to the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, as a “stone cold loser” after Khan criticised the president’s visit.

Protesters against the visit have gathered in central London, with demonstrations planned for other cities across the UK.

The business meeting was followed by a news conference in which Trump described the US and UK relationship as the “greatest alliance the world has ever known”.

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Alice Campbell
June 04 2019

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