News | Published December 15 2019

Vitalograph notes the importance of job satisfaction after study shows employee retention is down across UK

A recent study by ServiceNow has found that over 70 per cent of employers risk losing their employees to other companies, unless they rethink their workplace environment.

Carried out on 2,000 UK workers, the study also found that job satisfaction has decreased for one third of employees.

Of those surveyed 43 per cent believed that being part of a team made their role meaningful, while 42 per cent noted the importance of learning skills which could be used in their career. Just under 40 per cent felt that a recognition of their contribution to the company brought job satisfaction.

This work is supported by Vitalograph, a family owned company, and the longest-established manufacturer of respiratory diagnostic medical devices in the world.

Bernard Garbe, the son of the founder and company’s managing director states, “As a family company, we pride ourselves on supporting the professional development and job satisfaction of our employees.

"As a smaller company in our industry we have a much-valued opportunity to provide a broad and thorough grounding in our specialist fields. This, together with our ongoing investment in research and development, makes Vitalograph a very stimulating and rewarding place to work.”

Garbe further notes that “our success in developing a highly skilled and motivated team is reflected in the attractiveness of our personnel to head-hunters and our many long-serving employees.”

He concludes that “the priority of the Garbe family, who own Vitalograph, is to run an ethical company and look to its long-term future and that of the next generation already working in the company. We remain committed to our founding principles of excellence and innovation in our products and integrity in our dealings with our customers and employees.”

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
December 15 2019

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