News | Published October 23 2019

Which? magazine draws similar conclusion to Fashion House Group over "death of the high street"

Which?, the consumer advice magazine, has announced that the "death of the high street" may have been overestimated.

The Ordnance Survey business records have been analysed by the magazine, comparing the change in high street retailers over the past five years.

Research suggests that high streets are focusing on services which cannot be performed online, including cafes, tattoo parlours and hairdressers.

There are a total of ten sectors which have seen a greater number of premises in the past five years, with the greatest increase shown in banqueting and function rooms, at 114 per cent since 2014.

The Which? pronouncements conform with the case laid out by Glasgow-based Fashion House Group in September that "consumers will never stop shopping in our high streets, new concepts new experiences and new retailers will take over the space of dinosaur retailers who rely on the loyalty of consumers to come back week after week to the same old products in the same old tired stores, rather than delivering new and outstanding experiences and products for them to buy."

They support the evidence Which? have presented, claiming that "online shopping is becoming more convenient and the experience is becoming faster and better, but the real impact is not as pronounced as the numbers indicate."

The editor of Which?, Harry Rose, noted that "While it's concerning to have seen so many well-loved brands disappear from UK high streets in recent years, our research suggests the future of our town centres is not necessarily as bleak as the reports of store closures would have you believe.

"As shoppers needs and habits evolve, it's vital that businesses keep up with these changing trends and consider how they can grow with them, in order to continue thriving on the high street."

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
October 23 2019

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