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British leisure companies like Whitehouse Leisure Park benefit from ‘staycation’ culture amid Brexit uncertainty

Asking somebody in Britain where they plan to go on holiday, the range of responses is usually quite wide. Perhaps Spain for a bit of sun, or the south of France for great food. These days, slightly further afield, you may hear about the lakes of Croatia, the metropolitan nightlife of Tel Aviv or the rich history of Istanbul.

More and more, however, UK citizens are choosing to roam their own often forgotten shores. Weather notwithstanding, the UK can be up there with the most fascinating countries to tour, whether looking to relax in the beautiful countryside or to be enthralled by an old roman town.

It is unlikely that the British people have dramatically and unilaterally woken up to the richness of their own nation overnight. A more likely reason is the weakening of the pound overseas in recent years, largely due to Brexit uncertainties, causing people’s willingness to fly to a different country and currency to decrease.

This theory is supported by the co-directors of Whitehouse Leisure Park, Jonathan and Oliver Seldon. The twin brothers operate the park in north Wales and, having joined the family business at just 11 years old, have learned to spot trends in holidaymaking.

Writing in their best practice article for The Parliamentary Review, the brothers cite the location as ‘an oasis’, saying ‘the sort of people who are most excited to come and visit our parks are those who are from large, nearby cities such as Liverpool and Manchester’.

Brexit has seen holidaymaking increase in recent years, but the organisation also sells caravans, which has decreased. The brothers put this down to people currently being ‘uncertain about larger, £20,000-plus purchases’ in this climate, having spoken to many of their customers about their reasoning.

The temptation to go abroad will always be there for the sun-seekers, but for the British economy it will be no bad thing if people start holidaying a little closer to home. As proven by the continued growth of Whitehouse Leisure Park, there is plenty to do and even more to see. 

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The Parliamentary Review

December 07 2019

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