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FlyResearch poll: week 16 update

London based online market research agency FlyResearch has been issuing weekly polls to its research panel of over 3000 people throughout the coronavirus lockdown in the UK, in order to project how the outbreak and the implementing of social distancing has been impacting the daily life of UK citizens. In conversation with The Parliamentary Review, managing partner Greg Ward discusses the findings from the sixteenth wave of the Covid-19 tracker survey, published on July 16 and sourced from data collected on July 10, and the latest poll includes a more in-depth look into views on the government’s hopes to kick-start the economy, with a particular focus on the retail sector.

Government in deal to acquire 90 million coronavirus vaccine doses

The UK government has signed deals to acquire 90 million doses of promising coronavirus vaccines that are currently in development.

ORG calls England’s test and trace programme unlawful on data protection grounds

The Open Rights Group [ORG] has said that England’s test and trace programme is unlawful and has been since its initiation on May 28, after the Department of Health admitted that there had been no assessments on the impact that the scheme would have on people’s privacy.

PM wishes to avoid second nationwide lockdown

Prime minister Boris Johnson told The Sunday Telegraph that he does not want to trigger a second nationwide lockdown should there be a second spike of Covid-19 cases.

Sewell to lead government's racial inequality commission

Tony Sewell has been appointed chair of the government’s new commission which will explore issues of racial inequality in the UK.

NHS to receive £3 billion funding boost in case of second Covid-19 wave

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the NHS in England will receive an additional £3 billion in funding to help prepare for the possibility of a second wave of Covid-19 cases in winter, which will help ease the pressures of the colder season on the health service.

Health secretary orders review into Covid-19 death data

Health secretary Matt Hancock has ordered an urgent review into how daily coronavirus death figures are calculated in England, following revelations that the current counting methods may have included people who had contracted the virus and recovered some months before they died.

TimeFinders launches innovative advocacy service

Senior life specialists TimeFinders have announced the launch of an innovative new service to protect the best interests of individuals who do not have someone to appoint as a Health & Welfare attorney, and will offer peace of mind to those ageing alone or whose families live a distance away.

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