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Differences in education funding between rich and poor have “vanished”

The Institute for Fiscal Studies published a report yesterday which stated that the “differences in funding by social class have now vanished” and that school funding has become far more targeted toward poorer pupils. The report compared data from 2003 to the present, finding that the funding advantage poorer pupils receive has grown from £3,500 to £9,500.

Leave.EU founder Arron Banks faces NCA investigation

The National Crime Agency has announced that it is investigating the Leave.EU campaign, founder Arron Banks and Chief Executive Liz Bilney, after the case was referred to them by the Electoral Commission.

Foreign Office to choose ambassadors from private sector

In an upcoming speech to the Policy Exchange think tank this evening, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce the creation of 1,000 new diplomatic roles and the opening up of ambassadorial posts to non-civil servants. This will be the first time that these roles will accept applicants from outside the civil service.

PMQs summary (Wed 31st Oct)

This week, the autumn budget was the principal topic of discussion. Jeremy Corbyn battled with the prime minister over whether or not the announcements made on Monday will bring the public sector out of austerity.

A week in review (22nd October - 25th October)

A rundown of the week's parliamentary business, 22nd October - 25th October

The budget: Is austerity coming to an end?

The Chancellor Philip Hammond yesterday announced that austerity was coming to an end, during the last budget before the Brexit deadline next March. The Prime Minister Theresa May first indicated their plans at the Conservative Party Conference, stating that they would offer the NHS a "70th birthday present", but Labour have hit back claiming that austerity still isn't over.

Hammond announces final budget before Brexit

The Chancellor Philip Hammond announced the final budget before next March's Brexit deadline in a speech that run for over an hour in front of a packed House of Commons. Hammond announced a series of new spending measures throughout the speech and quoted numerous forecasts from the OBR, which he said indicated the growing strength of the British economy.

What can SMEs expect from the budget?

The Chancellor Philip Hammond will announce the final budget before the Brexit deadline on Monday and will looking to deliver on promises made at last month’s party conference. With substantial attention being placed on the ongoing negotiations with the EU and Theresa May’s leadership, Hammond will hope to offer more positive news with a budget that aims to “harness the power of the market economy”.

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