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Tony Blair: The Parliamentary Review is an amazing enterprise

The former prime minister Tony Blair spoke to The Parliamentary Review gala, one of very few speeches he's given in the Houses of Parliament since his resignation as an MP in 2007. In a broad speech, Blair reflected on the state of British politics and discussed the role that the Review plays in ensuring that MPs across the political spectrum are “better educated".

PMQs summary (Wed 10th Oct)

After a brief recess, PMQs is back. Rather than focusing on Brexit, the discussion was instead mostly on austerity – prompted to a large degree by Theresa May's recent claim that Brexit would bring with it the end of austerity. The intervening events over the recess – such as the party conferences and further developments on Brexit – found little airtime.

British Armed Forces deploy to Norway and Oman in major training exercises

This month will see the deployment of thousands of British troops and vehicles to two of the largest military exercises the United Kingdom has taken part of in years; one, a NATO exercise in Norway involving over 30 nations, the other, a joint UK–Omani operation in the Middle East.

Big accountancy firms to be investigated by government

The ‘Big Four’ – Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC – will face scrutiny from the Competitions and Markets Authority (CMA). This has been prompted by concerns following the collapse of BHS and Carillion. CMA’s chair, Andrew Tyrie, says that the dominance of these four firms may have resulted in poor statutory audits due to a lack of competition.

Baker claims 40 Tory MPs are prepared to vote against May on Brexit

Former Brexit minister Steve Baker stated today that he believes at least 40 Conservative MPs are preparing to vote against Theresa May if she pursues a similar deal to the current Chequers proposal. The leading Eurosceptic, and vice-chairman of the European Research Group, estimated that there were 80 potential rebels, but conceded that party whips would be able to halve this initial figure.

Discussions between the Communications Committee, Ofcom and CMA to begin over the need for internet regulation

The Communications Committee will open discussions tomorrow with the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom, and the Competition and Market Authority over the potential need for further regulation online.

Young people with deposits can’t afford homes, say think tank

Recent research suggests that young people face increasingly dampened prospects of establishing themselves on the property ladder over the last couple of decades, with nearly half of young adults with deposits not being able to buy a first home.

Brexit is a "democratic outrage" - Ian Blackford

Opening the second day of the SNP conference in Glasgow, Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, described Brexit as a “democratic outrage” and claimed that Brexit negotiations have bolstered the argument for Scottish independence.

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