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The case for methanol, part two: Properties

Methanol is the simplest alcohol and the molecule only contains one carbon atom. Diesel on the other hand is a complex mixture of mainly linear hydrocarbons comprising carbon chains from ten to 15 carbon atoms, averaging about 12. This leads to huge differences in combustion properties. Methanol burns very cleanly with a clear flame, and the gaseous products are essentially carbon dioxide and water.

Agile ICT shows the value of preparedness in a crisis

The Agile ICT Managing Director offers his take on how to get through the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speciality Breads: "Plans have been conceived, re-conceived, re-re-conceived and then finally implemented"

Managing Director of Speciality Breads, Simon Cannell, speaks out on the government response to the Covid-19 outbreak, specifically with regard to how small businesses have been affected.

House of Commons to vote on suspension of parliament to prevent coronavirus spread

Parliament is expected to close this evening following a vote on emergency laws to cope with the coronavirus pandemic.

Car firms switch to ventilator manufacture to aid coronavirus effort

Carmakers across the world have met government calls for help manufacturing face masks and ventilators during the coronavirus outbreak.

Prime minister outlines new measures to curb coronavirus spread

In his speech to the nation yesterday evening, prime minister Boris Johnson outlined the new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Department for Transport suspends rail franchise agreements amid coronavirus outbreak

The government has promised that those who chose to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak will receive a refund on their season tickets.

Government 'lock down' criticised by a2e boss

Amin Amri, the CEO of a2e, has said that there is no reason for a complete lockdown of the UK economy in the face of Covid-19

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