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Less than 10% of businesses are ready for no-deal, says Newsnight

According to figures reported on Newsnight, many UK businesses are “not even close to being ready for a no-deal” Brexit. This claim is based on the amount of firms that have applied to the Transitional Simplified Procedures scheme.

May to remain MP after standing down as Prime Minister

Theresa May has said that she will remain a sitting Conservative MP for her Maidenhead constituency after vacating the premiership.

Anna McMorrin MP: PM's net zero target "welcome" but more "fundamental" change is needed

Today, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a government target of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Anna McMorrin, Labour MP for Cardiff North offered us her thoughts.

Nurseries face funding gap, according to survey

In England's most deprived areas, nurseries are facing increased risk of closure due to a funding gap, according to the Early Years Alliance.

New Sizewell nuclear power station could raise energy bills by £6

The construction of a new nuclear power station at Sizewell in Suffolk could raise energy bills by a few pounds every year. Under the proposed financing plan, users would pay up front, with the surcharge likely to be an additional £6 on the average energy bill, and the developers would borrow against this guaranteed income.

Car production falls, causing contraction of UK economy

The UK economy has contracted because of “dramatic” fall in car production, according to ONS figures.

OPINION: Tackling staffing challenges within the hospitality sector

In recent years, the number of staff looking for work in the hospitality industry has declined. Where we once had a surplus of staff looking for work, most recently from Europe, we now find ourselves in a much different position as a result of social and economic change.

Conservative Party leadership race: Who’s who?

As the Tory leadership race continues, read our summary of the main candidates' stances.

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