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William George Homes MD concerned that housebuilders will become "forgotten again"

The Parliamentary Review spoke to George Nixon, of William George Homes, about his concerns for small and medium sized housebuilders against the backdrop of Covid-19.

Speciality Breads launches self-isolation bread-making masterclass

Amid warnings it could take up to six months for things to return to normal, Speciality Breads have released an online guide detailing how to make bread from home and have offered to send readers a free sample of their own 'glorious breads'.

Marsworth Computing boss says HMRC tightening control affects UK "entrepreneurial spirit"

On the back of the Chancellor's announcement of the comprehensive package to support the self-employed yesterday, Martin Simmons, Director of London-based Marsworth Computing, has spoken with The Parliamentary Review about what he believes is a systemic problem.

Mandale Group on Covid-19: “The largest unknown in this right now is how long this is going to go on for”

Following the government announcement that all those who can work from home should do so as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Parliamentary Review spoke with Harriet Spalding of Mandale Group, to discuss how the latest developments had impacted the company.

UK government to tackle spread of coronavirus misinformation

A specialist unit has been put in place in the Cabinet Office to prevent the spread of fake news surrounding coronavirus.

Leavitt Walmsley Associates launch advice blog for self-employed during Covid-19 crisis

Award-winning accountancy firm Leavitt Walmsley Associates from Sale, Cheshire, has launched its own advice blog aimed at self-employed people, summarising the government's new provisions and highlighting action that individuals can take to safeguard their finances during the coronavirus pandemic.

The case for methanol, part three: Fuel for the future?

Methanol, being a volatile liquid, can be stored and transported like petrol and diesel using similar infrastructure such as pipelines, fuel tankers, filling procedures and the like. This is in marked contrast to electrical vehicles which need huge additions to the nation’s electrical generation capacity in addition to the enormous cost of replacing fossil fuel facilities by charging points for electric vehicles. The same also applies to the possible use of hydrogen. Liquid hydrogen has an energy density of about 2.36 kWh per litre.

Banks criticised for coronavirus loan model

MPs and firms have criticised banks for demanding personal guarantees to issue businesses with government backed emergency loans.

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