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Government asked to do more to help renters during coronavirus pandemic

Following the introduction of plans to help companies the government is being asked to do more to help families and workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Stuart Harris Associates boss offers food for thought to PM’s chief adviser

Stuart Harris, managing director of his own accountancy firm Stuart Harris Associates, has written to Dominic Cummings, the prime minister’s chief adviser, to present his agenda.

Lawrence Miller and Co MD calls for ‘restaurant style’ ratings for financial advisors

Will Harris, managing director of Lawrence Miller & Co, presents his views on the state of the financial services industry and how the standards of financial advice should be regulated.

Human One at the forefront of hospitality industry’s response to new immigration plans

The UK government’s plans for a new points based immigration system which will enter force after 2020 have caused shockwaves in a number of industries, but little more so than in the hospitality sector.

UK changes course to avoid "catastrophic epidemic"

In the first of the prime minister’s daily coronavirus press conferences, Boris Johnson said the country would now change course in order to avoid the deaths of up to a quarter of a million people in this "catastrophic epidemic".

Financial plans put in place to combat coronavirus’ impact on the economy

The government is expected to disclose a number of financial plans to aid the economy following prime minister Boris Johnson’s first daily press conference on coronavirus yesterday.

More flights cancelled due to coronavirus outbreak

Travel restrictions due to coronavirus have resulted in staff redundancies and the cutting of flights across providers.

Daily press conferences held to brief general public on coronavirus

From today, prime minister Boris Johnson will deliver daily press conferences to brief the general public on the coronavirus outbreak.

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