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Report from The Times on legal aid validates J D Solicitors’ concerns

Cutbacks in the legal aid budget have undoubtedly saved the UK Treasury a considerable sum of money, but the consequence is that many criminal defence solicitors do not send advocates to represent clients at court since they are unable to afford to do so. Rosa Ellis, a journalist at The Times, explored the numbers behind what she calls the ‘demise of legal aid’ which only validate the concerns put forward in The Parliamentary Review by one firm of criminal defence solicitors months before.

World Economic Forum supports views of International School of the Creative Arts

The World Economic Forum has published a piece noting the importance of artists in leadership positions across the world.

Universal credit delayed until 2024

The full rollout of universal credit has been delayed once more, increasing the overall cost of the scheme by £500 million.

NHS leaders: Government must build 100 new hospitals

In order to solve underfunding issues, NHS leaders have released a new report, urging Boris Johnson to provide the health service with £7 billion more each year and construct 100 new hospitals.

Driver Require outlines IR35 legislation and its potential impact on the temporary LGV driving sector

April 2020 will see new IR35 regulations applied to the temporary LGV driving sector, which are set to have a drastic impact on the agency sector and the road haulage industry specifically. The gradually increasing shortage of LGV drivers is also set to become exacerbated by these events.

Training providers like Sparta Global working to solve tech skills gap

Many sectors across the UK are struggling with growing skills gaps among the younger generation but nowhere is this more true than in tech. As business becomes increasingly digitised, this gap becomes increasingly debilitating.

UK to bring forward ban on petrol and diesel cars, Leaders Council reports

Prime minister Boris Johnson will outline UK government plans to bring forward its ban on petrol and diesel cars from 2040 to 2035, the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland reports.

Johnson outlines his Brexit plan

Speaking in Greenwich today, Boris Johnson called for the EU to agree to a Canada-style free trade deal, saying the UK would leave on WTO terms if this could not be agreed.

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