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Former Labour whip Frank Field to stand for new party

Birkenhead MP Frank Field is set to stand for the new Birkenhead Social Justice Party at the next general election.

Labour concerned by "catastrophic fall" in number of adult learners

A drop in the number of adult learners has prompted the Labour Party to call for a lifelong National Education Service.

Bank of England cuts growth forecast

The Bank of England has cut its growth forecast for the UK economy over the next two years.

Ten free ports to open in post-Brexit UK

The government has unveiled plans for up to ten free port zones to be introduced in the UK once Brexit has been finalised.

Plastic bag sales in England halve in one year

England’s largest supermarkets have halved plastic bag sales in the last year, according to new data.

Lib Dems win Brecon by-election

Jane Dodds, the Liberal Democrat candidate, has won the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election, defeating the incumbent, Chris Davies.

ERG will continue to vote down withdrawal agreement, Mark Francois warns

Prime minister Boris Johnson has been told by the European Research Group of Conservative MPs that around sixty backbench Conservative Brexiteers will vote down a withdrawal agreement even if the Irish backstop is removed.

Chancellor announces extra funding for no-deal Brexit

The money available to help prepare for a no-deal Brexit is set to be doubled, the government has announced.

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