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Protec Fire and Security: "Difficult to plan business" without clarification on Job Retention Scheme

Peter Doyle is the Managing Director of Protec Fire & Security, a company based in the North West that provides building fire safety systems designed to "save lives and protect property". The Parliamentary Review recently spoke with Peter about his thoughts on the government's "unprecedented" new scheme to protect jobs across the country.

“Do remember they can’t cancel the spring” – Hockney unveils new piece amid coronavirus outbreak

David Hockney has unveiled a new piece to welcome in the spring amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Number of MPs to remain the same following Brexit vote

David Cameron’s 2012 proposal to cut the number of MPs from 650 to 600 has been dropped due to “a greater workload” following Brexit.

Chancellor to disclose financial aid for self employed

Rishi Sunak, chancellor of the exchequer, will unveil measures to aid self-employed workers facing the financial impact of coronavirus.

Universal Rides owner: it wasn't a difficult decision to keep our park closed

Norman Wallis, owner of Universal Rides, speaks about his decision to pre-emptively close his parks in the early stages of the Covid-19 outbreak.

"It was as if we had been completely forgotten": Chapter Care chief critiques Budget

Jeff Wilton-Love is the company director at Chapter Care, a family-run service providing domiciliary care and support to users throughout Devon. Speaking to The Parliamentary Review, he discusses his concerns for the industry in the wake of new chancellor Rishi Sunak's Budget and the growing pressure on care providers.

Quarter of a million volunteers sign up in a day to combat coronavirus

In a single day over 250,000 people signed up to volunteer with the NHS following a recruitment drive to help with the coronavirus pandemic.

The case for methanol, part two: Properties

Methanol is the simplest alcohol and the molecule only contains one carbon atom. Diesel on the other hand is a complex mixture of mainly linear hydrocarbons comprising carbon chains from ten to 15 carbon atoms, averaging about 12. This leads to huge differences in combustion properties. Methanol burns very cleanly with a clear flame, and the gaseous products are essentially carbon dioxide and water.

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