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Weekly Review: Sep 16 - Sep 22

Every Sunday, we bring together the most important stories of the week from across a wide range of sectors.

Sugar tax causes sugar content in drinks to fall by 29 per cent

According to figures released by Public Health England, the sugar tax has led to sugar content in drinks falling by 29 per cent.

“Shameful” numbers of pupils leaving school without basic qualifications

Children’s commissioner Anne Longfield has said that almost one in five young people in England finish school without a minimum of five good GCSEs or equivalent qualifications.

Leading firms commit to green energy initiatives

A number of the world’s largest firms have pledged their support to green energy initiatives amid increased pressure for climate change action.

Nuffield Trust: Hospitals have to rely on emergency loans

According to the think tank The Nuffield Trust, hospitals are having to rely on “emergency” loans from government to cover their costs.

Government shares confidential Brexit plans with EU

Following the announcement from the Finnish prime minister, Antti Rinne, that the UK had 12 days to set out their Brexit plans, the government has announced they have shared confidential documents with the EU which “reflect the ideas the UK has put forward.

Thomas Cook needs £200 million contingency fund to avoid administration

Troubled airline Thomas Cook must find £200 million in extra funds by the weekend if it is to stave off administration.

Brexit uncertainty will continue restricting the economy, policymakers say

The Bank of England has indicated that interest rates will continue to remain low as long as there is persistent uncertainty over the UK’s Brexit path.

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