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Wage package rescue plan prepared by the chancellor

Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a wage subsidy plan amid the coronavirus pandemic in the hope of protecting millions of jobs.

Grey Bear Consultancy issues eight-step guide for business leaders to communicate with employees in times of crisis

Oxford based healthcare consultancy firm Grey Bear Consultancy has issued an eight-step guide aimed at business leaders, outlining recommendations for staying connected with employees in times of crisis, in light of the escalating Covid-19 situation.

Renters to be protected from eviction during coronavirus pandemic, Johnson promises

Emergency legislation to protect private renters will be brought forward by the government, according to prime minister, Boris Johnson.

Government to offer clarity regarding school closures

The government has assured teachers, pupils and parents they will provide more detail as to how the school closures will affect them.

Kilby Jones Solicitors in focus: ES Albania 2018

Kilby Jones Solicitors are a specialist law firm wholly dedicated to immigration, nationality freedom of movement and human rights law. In this article, The Parliamentary Review explores one of the firm’s most successful cases, winning the appeal of the anonymised Albanian national known only as ‘ES’.

Limits placed on essential items to prevent coronavirus stockpiling

In a move to prevent stockpiling, Sainsbury’s have promised to prioritise the elderly and vulnerable for online deliveries, in addition to limiting people from buying more than three of any item.

Sustainability an issue more than ever in current outbreak environment

Parliamentary Review representative Samantha Price of Romsey Dental Care outlined in her article the need for the healthcare sector to operate in a far more sustainable fashion, specifically with regards to its relationship with single-use plastics.

Government asked to do more to help renters during coronavirus pandemic

Following the introduction of plans to help companies the government is being asked to do more to help families and workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

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