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PM announces Brexit votes, as pressure mounts to avoid no-deal

After mounting pressure on the prime minister, including from her own ministers, she today announced a voting schedule to the House of Commons. If her deal doesn't get through parliament on 12 March, there will be a vote on whether to proceed without a deal. Failing that, the House can vote on an extension of Article 50.

Income inequality has increased as poorest hit by benefit reductions

The Office for National Statistics have released a series of reports showing an increase in income inequality over the last year. According to their statistics, which can be found here, the richest fifth of the population have seen their average income increase by 4.7 per cent while the poorest fifth have seen their average income decrease by 1.6 per cent. Explaining this decrease, the report states that this is “mainly driven by [a] fall in the average value of cash benefits their households receive.”

Corbyn prepared to support second referendum

Jeremy Corbyn has told Labour MPs that the party will support a second referendum, or “People’s Vote”, if their Brexit plan is defeated in the Commons on Wednesday. Corbyn announced this shift by stating his desire to avoid a “damaging Tory Brexit.”

DfE announce revamp of curriculum to include relationship, online safety and mental health education

Relationship, online safety and mental health education will become a compulsory aspect of the national curriculum from September, the government announced yesterday.

NEF report states austerity has reduced UK economy by £100 billion

The New Economics Foundation has released a report which states that austerity has left the UK economy £100 billion smaller than it otherwise would have been. This equates to a £3,600 loss per household or £1,495 per person. The London-based think tank based this analysis on figures released by the Office for Budget Responsibility and the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

May faces calls for Brexit delay

Theresa May is facing pressure from backbench Conservative to delay Brexit today, with MPs arguing that a delay is preferable to the risk of the UK leaving without a deal.

Fall in whiplash claims and a change in the law

In December the Ministry of Justice released statistics showing the number of new personal injury claims had fallen to its lowest level in nearly seven years.

Government announce expanded budgets for personalised health and care support

The Department of Health and Social Care have announced plans to increase the number of personal health budgets, targeting 200,000 by 2024. The current number is 40,000.

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