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Emergency Cobra meeting to be held in response to coronavirus spread

Prime minister, Boris Johnson, will chair an emergency Cobra meeting to determine whether or not to introduce special measures to delay coronavirus’ spread across the country. keen on regulation

A parliamentary committee was told in February that the Gambling Commission was weighing-up putting a cap on betting stakes online, a move which one company in the sector has greeted with approval.

Priocept vision of educating about technology underway

Research carried out by RS Components has revealed that four in five teachers now use education technology in each of their lessons, suggesting that one firm’s hopes of educating youngsters in how to use technology is being fulfilled.

"Incorrectly configured" database leaks information of 900,000 Virgin Media customers

Virgin Media has admitted that a database with the personal details of almost one million people was accessible online for ten months.

Budget infrastructure plan delayed once more

According to the BBC the National Infrastructure Strategy is to be delayed once more and will not be released next week as anticipated.

Norman Wallis on Southport’s Retail Renaissance

Tourism and attractions expert, Norman Wallis of Universal Rides, who has ambitious plans for his Southport Pleasureland park’s future, responded to the latest high street retail blow for the town by publicly revealing his plan to Southport grow and flourish.

Britain enters into phase two of coronavirus plan

Health officials have said that the UK has now entered into the “delay” phase of the coronavirus outbreak in the UK.

Flybe collapse the “first of many”, warn experts

According to predictions from transport analysts, the collapse of Flybe could be the “first of many” this year.

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