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Shetland by-election maintains Lib Dem’s safest seat

Considered the safest Lib Dem seat in Scotland, the Shetland by-election has been won by Lib Dem candidate Beatrice Wishart.

Johnson recognises it is time for both sides "to step up the tempo"

It has been announced that Brexit negotiators from the UK will meet with their EU colleagues bi-weekly prior to the summit on 17 October , two weeks before to the date Britain is currently expected to leave the European Union.

MP’s react to proroguing of parliament

After the Queen consented to prime minster Boris Johnson’s request for the proroguing of parliament yesterday, there have been a range of reactions from MPs across the country.

Ruth Davidson resigns as leader of Scottish Conservatives

At 11 o’clock this morning, Ruth Davidson, the leader of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party, has announced her resignation.

Cabinet Review: Robert Jenrick

Following the recent appointment of Boris Johnson's cabinet, we have launched a series of articles to assess how each sector views their new Secretary of State. Our third instalment focuses on Robert Jenrick, the new Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government.

Leaked document reveals government’s education plans

A document leaked to the Guardian has revealed a range of new education proposals being considered by the government.

Government to ask Queen to suspend parliament

The Privy Council, instructed by Boris Johnson’s government, will today ask the Queen to suspend parliament until October 14.

50 more towns to access Future High Streets Fund

It has been confirmed that the Future High Streets Fund will be rolled out to 50 additional towns, with an investment of £1 billion overall.

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