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Improved border security a post-Brexit priority for the Conservatives

The Conservatives say that they will introduce automated exit and entrance checks as part of improvements to the UK’s border security after Brexit should they be re-elected this December.

RDT speaks out on recruitment solution amid Zuckerberg's woes

Mark Zuckerberg came under fire last week for choosing to speak to eight men and one woman when looking at the future of technology in society, the BBC reported this week.

Labour promise to cut train fares by 33 per cent

The Labour party has revealed plans to reduce train fares by a third as part of its wider ambitions to nationalise the rail network.

Ventures like Sport4Kids Franchising Ltd vital for the FA’s long-term strategy

Back in 2013, the appointment of Greg Dyke as chairman of the Football Association was a turning point in English football’s underlying strategy and the start of its emphasis on developing homegrown talent.

The Weekly Review: Nov 25 - Dec 1

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Robertsons Solicitors hint at legal sector's issues of importance for party leaders

As the December 12 general election draws ever closer, both major parties have made a statement in their policies for addressing crime and justice.

Labour to provide regional manifestos detailing pledges for specific areas

The Labour Party is set to launch a campaign of regional manifestos which will outline more specific plans for investment in specific areas of the country.

Official immigration figures align with Scion Mastery’s views on Brexit

A prominent issue within the wider Brexit debate since the result of the 2016 referendum on EU membership has been the impact that leaving the bloc will have on immigration and how it has already affected UK net migration.

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