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Outcome of UK-EU free-trade negotiations vital for wholesalers like Norscot Seafoods

When it comes to sectors that will be affected by Brexit, among the most relevant is the fish wholesale industry, where the impact of new regulations after the UK’s departure is causing various concerns. With a UK-EU free-trade agreement set to be negotiated later this year, the outcome of these talks will be vital if industry operators are to continue trading with the continent without hindrance.

The Weekly Review: Jan 20 - Jan 26

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Coronavirus outbreak sees markets shaken

The coronavirus outbreak has disturbed financial markets around the world, following the city of Wuhan being put under lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus.

Seasonal Business in Travel report intensifies Brexit concerns for snow sports operators like The Ski Club of Great Britain

The uncertainty surrounding the impact of Brexit on the snow sports industry has culminated in the foundation of Season Business in Trade [SBIT], a group which is lobbying for awareness of the Brexit-related issues facing the sector. The Ski Club of Great Britain, an industry operator, contributed to the foundation of the group. However, the SBIT’s latest findings will do little to relieve industry concerns as Brexit day draws closer.

Chancellor’s comments this week bode well for addressing Leith Planning’s concerns

Chancellor Sajid Javid’s comments reported by the Financial Times this week have drawn some attention due to his hinting that the UK could look to diverge from some EU rules after Brexit. However, other issues which he discussed, including plans for economic growth and regional investment, have garnered less attention. Yet, it is these comments which may bode well for one town planning consultancy and some of its concerns over how the country is run.

Crowe’s ‘Outlook for Manufacturing Businesses in 2020’ could reflect best practice of companies like Russell Finex

On February 5th Crowe’s release their 'Outlook for Manufacturing Businesses in 2020' at an event in West Bromwich. The event will consist of Crowe’s unveiling their findings on the future for British manufacturing and what the prospects look like for UK businesses.

Rolls-Royce develop plans for mini nuclear reactors

Rolls-Royce have told the BBC about their plans to construct, install and operate mini nuclear power stations by 2029.

Craig Webster of Tiger Estates talks about how starting young helped him in business

Craig Webster is managing director of North West-based Tiger Estates, a premium property service provider in the Blackpool and Fylde Coast area. The firm's aim, Craig says, is to "take the hassle out of the property sector" and maximise the return on investment. He talks with The Parliamentary Review’s podcast host Jonathan White about the beauty of starting young.

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