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Leaders Council: GMB Union endorses Lisa Nandy in Labour leadership race

Labour MP Lisa Nandy's bid to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as party leader was handed a major boost as GMB Union endorsed her as their favoured candidate on Tuesday.

Shapps demands data over HS2

Secretary for transport, Grant Shapps, has demanded more information regarding plans for HS2, following estimates of the cost of the project rising to £106 billion.

UCL report criticises proliferation of new housing developments built beside roads

A report by University College London has criticised planners and engineers for allowing new housing developments to be built next to roads which do not accommodate pedestrians and cyclists.

Government loses votes on EU Withdrawal Bill in the Lords

The government’s EU Withdrawal Bill has been held up after losing three votes in the House of Lords.

Sir Keir Starmer reaches final ballot in Labour leadership race, Leaders Council reports

The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has reported that Sir Keir Starmer has received the amount of support needed to advance to the final stage of the Labour leadership contest.

Government intervention could help solve care industry’s retention struggles, says home care provider Fairhope

Among the Conservatives’ pledges ahead of the historic December general election victory, there was a visible focus on adding nurses to the NHS workforce through better retention measures. However, one homecare provider believes that government intervention must also extend to the social care industry, where the very same retention problems are apparent.

Accommodating fire protection apprenticeships as part of levy reforms important for firms like Pyrotect

As the apprenticeship levy’s shortcomings come increasingly under the microscope and pressure for reform increases, various potential improvements to the scheme are coming to the fore.

Government weighing up House of Lords relocation

Conservative party chairman James Cleverly has told Sky News that the government is exploring moving the House of Lords out of London permanently.

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