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Justice Minister announces major reforms to divorce law

The Ministry of Justice is to introduce no-fault divorce plans in the next session of parliament. The new legislation is the most radical reform to divorce law in 50 years, and would remove the need for proof of fault or mutual consent from divorce proceedings.

May to meet European leaders for emergency summit

Theresa May will meet EU leaders today to discuss a potential extension to Article 50.

Apprenticeship levy contributions could be raised to promote more opportunities for school leavers

Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships Anne Milton said this week that apprenticeship levy contributions could be increased to increase the number of opportunities available for school-leavers.

DCMS department consider 'code of practice' for big tech firms

New government plans are set to fine or block websites that fail to prevent the circulation of harmful material.

May to meet with Macron and Merkel

Theresa May will hold emergency Brexit talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron today.

Hilary Benn interview: A country that shuts the door to the world has no future

Amid the turbulence in Westminster, The Parliamentary Review’s Thomas Wilson sat down with Hilary Benn to get a sense of where he thinks politics is headed.

Jaguar Land Rover begins Brexit shutdown

Jaguar Land Rover have ceased production for a week, identifying Brexit uncertainties as the cause. This shutdown is in addition to a scheduled closure for Easter which will start next week and run until 23 April.

Labour look for further talks while PM is set for emergency EU summit

Labour MP Andy McDonald said that the party hope to continue cross-party Brexit talks with the government today.

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