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The Weekly Review: Jan 13 - Jan 19

Every Sunday, we bring together the most important stories of the week from across a wide range of sectors.

AEME has helped UK chart course for indoor air quality and legislation for the home could be next

Peter Reid of AEME and Overclean has pioneered the raising of awareness and standards for indoor air quality in the UK and all over the world with the development of a centre dedicated to training in-ventilation cleaning and hygiene. To build on this headway, government legislation must follow to help increase indoor air quality in another important zone: the home.

NHS mental health chief reaches out to gambling firms

Claire Murdoch, the head of mental health services in England, has written to five major betting companies and urged them to do more to tackle problem gambling by removing incentives.

Reaching out to school-age youngsters could be key to addressing Conneely Group’s concerns

As the skills shortage intensifies and the finger of blame is pointed at the mismanagement of the apprenticeship levy, it is becoming apparent that not only is government action required, but it must be supplemented by help from the construction industry itself and educational bodies to fully address the problem.

Increase in university students gaining top degree grades halts

Official annual figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show that the increase in university students acquiring top degree grades has plateaued, following warnings from ministers about “grade inflation”.

Recognition for Walthamstow School for Girls pupil casts new light on longstanding concerns for Affinity Financial Advisors

Earlier in January, the East London & West Essex Guardian published a story about Walthamstow School for Girls pupil, Mominah Ramzan, who has been recognised for her work in helping raise awareness for schoolchildren on how to save money.

Andrew Robertson of McClure Solicitors highlights role of social media in business

Andrew Robertson, managing director of McClure Solicitors, a private-client legal firm based in Glasgow, spoke with The Parliamentary Review’s Jonathan White about the importance of utilising social media to generate business.

Retail sales fall by 0.6% in December

Despite hopes of a Christmas boost, retail sales fell in December according to the Office for National Statistics.

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