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MPs debate alleged £3 billion gap in England council funding

Local authorities in England claim that they are being underfunded by £3 billion. As a result of this complaint, MPs are now debating how much funding councils will have at their disposal for the next year. Part of the debate involves discussion of the extent to which, in real terms, funding has actually been cut.

Taxpayer support may be removed following Nissan U-turn

Following Nissan’s decision to move the production of their new X-Trail SUV from Sunderland to Japan, the car giant will be forced to reapply for £61 million of taxpayer support. This funding, originally allocated in a letter to then CEO Carlos Ghosn in 2016, was contingent on “a positive decision by the Nissan board to allocate production of the Qashqai and X-Trail models to the Sunderland plant.”

British Property Federation research shows boom in the build-to-rent market

Research conducted by the British Property Federation last month has shown a dramatic 40 per cent increase in the number of build-to-rent properties under construction.

The technologies redefining accountancy

Information and data are the bedrock for modern economies. The accelerated rate of digital innovation has become a defining feature of the UK’s financial services industry, and the accountancy sector has spent much of this year rapidly adapting to the new era of data-led services.

Hunt admits possibility of Brexit delay

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has hinted at the possibility of an extension of the March 29 deadline. This makes him the most senior Tory to have conceded this possibility. Whether or not this happens, he says, depends on the progress that is made in the coming weeks. Nevertheless, he like others in the cabinet, rest their hopes on Theresa May meeting the deadline.

National Audit Office to investigate unfair NHS penalty charges

The National Audit Office will conduct an investigation into whether hundreds of thousands of people have been unfairly fined for wrongly claiming free dental treatment. The investigation, due to start this spring, follows claims that many have received undue penalties, often simply for ticking the wrong box on a form.

Barnier tells UK that backstop cannot be renegotiated

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, has announced to the UK the Irish backstop will not be negotiated. He claimed that this part of the arrangement was “part and parcel.” This, it is believed, negates May's ambitions of reworking her previous deal which failed to win the assent of parliament.

MPs call for backstop to be replaced by “alternative arrangements”

MPs have voted to support an amendment tabled by Sir Graham Brady which supports May’s withdrawal agreement but calls for the replacement of the Northern Ireland backstop with “alternative arrangements.”

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