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PMQs summary, 23 January 2019

This week in PMQs, fierce debate took place over the terms on which we leave the European Union. After the defeat of her bill, Theresa May is still urging the House to agree on a deal that both respects the outcome of the 2016 referendum and allows for minimal friction of trade between the EU and the UK.

Arrowmax Engineering and Cryogenic Ltd discuss no-deal as May refuses to rule it out

Theresa May has again refused to rule out the possibility of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal if one is not agreed by March 29th. During Prime Minister’s Questions today, she argued that delaying Brexit would not “solve the situation,” adding that “the decision remains the same – the deal, no-deal or no Brexit.”

Labour open possibility for Commons vote on second referendum

The Labour Party have submitted an amendment to Theresa May’s Brexit update, calling for the Commons to be able to vote on a proposition that is supported by the majority of MPs. While this does not directly call for a vote for a second referendum, it marks a significant shift in Labour’s attitude to the possibility of a so called “People’s Vote” and marks the first time the party has asked the House to formally consider the possibility of a second poll.

Corrocoat and StormMeister comment on Brexit, while MPs propose amendments to vote on May's deal

MPs have begun proposing amendments to the prime minister's amended deal, that is scheduled to be subject to a vote on the 29th of January

May scraps fee that would make EU citizens pay to stay in UK

During Theresa May’s statement to MPs today, she announced that the controversial fee that EU citizens would have to pay to achieve “settled status” has been scrapped. Under previous plans, millions of EU citizens currently living in the UK would have been expected to pay a fee of £65 each.

May sets out Brexit plan following loss on deal vote

The Prime Minister Theresa May has this afternoon been outlining her plans for reopening negotiations with the EU after her deal was rejected last week

Release of social care green paper remains imminent

In the March 2017 budget, the Conservative government said it would publish a green paper on social care, for public consultation. This followed the decision in July 2015 to postpone the introduction of a cap on lifetime social care charges and a more generous means-test that had been proposed by the “Dilnot Commission” and accepted in principle by the then-coalition government.

Gove: No-deal Brexit means “considerable turbulence” for farmers

At the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this year, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, told farmers and food producers alike that they faced turbulence that would be “considerable”, were the UK to leave the EU without a deal

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