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Release of social care green paper remains imminent

In the March 2017 budget, the Conservative government said it would publish a green paper on social care, for public consultation. This followed the decision in July 2015 to postpone the introduction of a cap on lifetime social care charges and a more generous means-test that had been proposed by the “Dilnot Commission” and accepted in principle by the then-coalition government.

Gove: No-deal Brexit means “considerable turbulence” for farmers

At the Oxford Farming Conference earlier this year, the environment secretary, Michael Gove, told farmers and food producers alike that they faced turbulence that would be “considerable”, were the UK to leave the EU without a deal

No confidence motion defeated by 325 votes to 306

The government has survived the no confidence motion called by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn by a margin of 19 votes. Although 306 MPs voted for the motion, 325 voted against. Immediately following the vote, prime minister Theresa May invited the leaders of the parliamentary parties to talks this evening.

MPs debate no confidence motion

MPs have spent the afternoon debating Jeremy Corbyn's no confidence motion in the government, with the vote scheduled in for 7pm this evening

May loses vote as Corbyn triggers vote of no confidence

The Prime Minister has tonight lost the meaningful vote on her deal with the European Union by 432 votes to 202. The vote, which took place at around 7.30pm after John Baron's amendment was also rejected, goes down as one of the biggest defeats suffered by a sitting government.

Parliament to vote on May’s deal

Parliament will vote on Theresa May’s EU Withdrawal Deal at around 7pm this evening after a day of debate as the government looks to increase backing for their Brexit plan.

Ryland Technology and IMI Hydronic Engineering weigh in on Brexit as Abe urges UK to avoid no-deal

IMI Hydronic Engineering and Ryland Technology discuss their preferred Brexit scenarios as Abe urges UK to avoid no-deal.

Dontyne Systems and TechSimulater reflect on Brexit after government suffer blow

Dontyne Systems and TechSimulater spoke to The Parliamentary Review this week after an amendment tabled by Conservative rebel Dominic Grieve caused a blow to Theresa May’s Brexit plans. The amendment, which was supported by 17 Tory MPs, means that in the result of Theresa May’s deal being rejected by parliament, the cabinet will have just three days to present a “plan B”.

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