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Government’s next move on shale gas significant for companies like PR Marriott Drilling

After the Conservatives were re-elected to government in December, a number of firms and environment campaigners will be anxious to discover whether the indefinite suspension on fracking is set to continue.

Announcements included in the Queen's Speech bring welcome news for construction firms such as AMS

Last month's Queen's Speech gave an insight into what Boris Johnson's government has planned, with spending boosts mentioned consistently throughout.

Banning plastic packaging could leave environment worse-off, according to report

A report from the cross-party Parliamentary group suggests that banning plastic packaging could do more harm than good to the environment in the long run.

Annual retail sales down for first time in quarter of a century, BRC says

The British Retail Consortium has revealed that retail sales have fallen for the first time since 1995 after a 0.1 per cent decline in total sales.

Ofsted pursues new diagnostic approach for struggling schools

Schools inspectorate body Ofsted is pursuing a new approach to dealing with schools which have consistently achieved poor outcomes.

Boris Johnson set for first meeting with new European Commission president

Newly re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson is to meet with Ursula von der Leyen, the new president of the European Commission, at Downing Street.

Symply one of numerous firms eyeing Conservative pledges on business rates and online sales tax

One of re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson’s high profile pre-election promises was to launch a review into the rates system and “reduce the overall burden” of business rates, which he revealed at the annual Confederation of British Industry conference back in November.

VR offers opportunity for companies like The Mirage

Virtual Reality (VR) has progressed dramatically in the past decades. The increasingly sophisticated applications on our phones and graphics in computer games allow the replication of our environments and of us in exceptional detail.

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