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May tells EU "we may never leave" if deal fails

A second Brexit referendum has been conceded as a real possibility by Prime Minister Theresa May today, as she urged EU leaders to allow her "one more push". If they fail to grant her this, she added, "[Britain] may never leave [the EU] at all."

May faces pressure after investigation uncovers tax haven funding

Theresa May has come under attack after it was revealed that the Conservative party received £1 million in donations from overseas tax havens in the run up to the 2017 election.

Loan Charge should be delayed says Ross Thomson MP

Following on from his question to the prime minister during Wednesday’s PMQs, Ross Thomson spoke to the Review about the need to delay the introduction of the loan charge. The 2019 loan charge is a government measure whose purpose is to tackle a tax avoidance scheme known as “disguised remuneration.”

Times investigation shows a third of UK billionaires now live in tax havens

An investigation by The Times revealed yesterday that a third of UK billionaires have emigrated to tax havens.

Government to consult trade unions and businesses on workers’ rights post-Brexit

Theresa May has today announced plans to give business, trade unions and parliament a greater role in determining workers rights following Brexit. Following the government’s commitment to undertake “the largest upgrade to workers’ rights in a generation”, they have announced new measures to ensure rights are protected and enhanced following Britain’s departure from the EU.

PMQs summary (Wed 6th Mar, 2019)

The verdict on who won PMQs today, like always, was difficult to determine. After announcing a Cobra meeting on knife crime, discussion centred primarily around the government’s record on violent crime and police funding. Later in the session, backbenchers raised several questions relating to Brexit.

No Brexit breakthrough after "robust" talks

Geoffrey Cox confirmed he had not yet reached a Brexit breakthrough after negotiations with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier continued last night.

Penny clothing tax proposed by committee to prevent waste

The Environmental Audit Committee has called for clothing brands to take greater responsibility for the waste they produce. In order to achieve this, the committee called for a tax charging one penny per garment to help pay for the recycling and collection of unused garments. Hawthorn, a UK-based clothing manufacturer, welcome these proposals, highlighting factory wastage as another area that needs to be addressed to reduce the environmental impacts of the industry.

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