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Water companies hit with record profit restrictions

Regulator Ofwat says that water firms across England and Wales will face the most stringent restrictions on investor dividends since privatisation first began 30 years ago, when its five-year plan for the sector enters force on April 1 2020.

Prime minister Boris Johnson to welcome new parliament

Newly re-elected prime minister Boris Johnson is set to address new Conservative MPs on Monday as they gather in Westminster to take up their parliamentary seats.

DP’s Financial Advice and Services note the importance of Pensions Act 2015

An increase in the state pension age to 65 years old has left an estimated three million women thousands of pounds worse off.

Vitalograph notes the importance of job satisfaction after study shows employee retention is down across UK

A recent study by ServiceNow has found that over 70 per cent of employers risk losing their employees to other companies, unless they rethink their workplace environment.

Increasing insurance industry modernisation bodes well for firms such as VIPR Solutions

The UK insurance industry has been under increasing pressure to modernise in order to run more efficiently but also to ensure it is primed to respond to increasing amounts of regulation at political level.

Mark Nind of RJB Financial Services talks personal pensions

Managing director of RJB Financials, a provider of advice for retirement planning, Mark Nind, spoke with the Parliamentary Review’s Jonathan White about personal pensions.

Rise in book piracy gives weight to Williams Powell’s call on government to keep UK at forefront of IP laws

The development of new technology over the years has culminated in new challenges for the legal industry concerning property rights, such as patents, trademarks, designs and intellectual property. This is no more truer than in the film and music industries, where illegal downloading of content has caused significant losses for the sectors.

Pound sterling and shares go up in wake of election result

The value of pound sterling and shares have both seen an increase after Boris Johnson’s Conservatives secured a commanding majority in the general election.

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