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Deviation from EU regulatory standards could impact small businesses like Skills Motor Coaches

From the moment prime minister Boris Johnson struck a new Brexit deal with the European Union during the October summit in Brussels, its contents have come under immense scrutiny. In particular, the scope within the new Withdrawal Agreement for the UK to deviate from EU standards on various issues has become a major talking point.

Polls open across the UK for third general election in under five years

Voters across the country head to the polls today to vote in the general election.

Momentum growing behind Willshee’s call for government support in energy-from-waste sector

Calls from one industry expert for increased government support in the energy-from-waste sector are likely to intensify after Essex County Council recently announced that 200,000 tonnes of waste from an underperforming Basildon waste plant will be sent to landfill as of early 2020.

UK ports preparing for EU customs checks

According to the BBC, plans are being drafted within the shipping industry to accommodate EU border checks in Great Britain for goods heading to Northern Ireland.

Virtual1 offers a model to aspire to in order to realise UK connectivity vision

When it comes to the UK broadband industry, successive governments and regulators in the sector have tended to want three things: the fastest connection speeds possible, available to the maximum amount of people, and all within a competitive market with prices kept low.

Party leaders relaunch campaign on final day before election

Party leaders will be back on the campaign road on Wednesday for the final time before Thursday’s general election, looking to make a final appeal to swing voters before polls open.

Johnson’s plan for Brexit “a major strategic, political and operational challenge" according to leaked document

A leaked document indicates prime minister Boris Johnson’s plans to implement Brexit by December next year do not allow sufficient time to provide the infrastructure required for the deadline.

Election Guide: Sheffield Hallam

In the run up to December's General Election, our election correspondent Joshua Sandiford will be creating profiles of key marginal constituencies around the country. This guide combines a profile of the constituency as well as interviews with the three major candidates.

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