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Meaningful vote shows chance of alleviating VEIT (UK) Ltd's concerns

Tomorrow marks the first day on which MPs will start debating the Conservative government’s EU withdrawal agreement. This will commence five days of debate, at the end of which MPs will finally decide whether or not to vote it through: the ‘meaningful vote’. VEIT (UK) Ltd told the Review this September that Brexit-related uncertainty has posed the British economy a large opportunity cost. The conclusion of this parliamentary debate may well bring the uncertainty that companies like VEIT have sought for so long.

Carney says businesses are not ready for no deal Brexit after BluJay warn of supply chain disruption

The governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney warned politicians yesterday that much of the UK economy is not prepared for a no deal eventuality and less than 50 per cent of businesses "initiated their contingency plans". Blujay Solutions, a global supply chain software company, echoed Carney with a call to action in their contribution to The Parliamentary Review, arguing that businesses "should be exploring opportunities to be among the first companies to take advantage of technology-led logistics networks" and should not "sit on their hands".

Stable migration rate marks good news for hospitality industry

Net migration figures have remained constant this year, despite a decrease in net rate of EU citizens. The overall rate has remained at 273,000; the same figure as last year. These figures may help to allay fears of Twist London, and the wider hospitality industry, who voiced concerns that Brexit may significantly impact their available workforce, a large part of which is made up of foreign nationals.

Europe to be carbon neutral by 2050 as Sargent-Disc highlight importance of sustainability in business

As the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change this week explained in their report it is vital societies become carbon neutral by 2050 in order to save the planet the European Commission announced their aim for Europe to develop a "prosperous, modern, competitive and climate neutral economy" by the turn of the half century. The risks of climate change and the need for more carbon neutral solutions was also raised often in the most recent publication of The Parliamentary Review and award-winning specialist payroll company Sargent-Disc highlighted the measures they are taking as pioneers of sustainable technology.

PMQs summary (Wed 28th Nov)

Theresa May returns to parliament, this time with what she believes is the "best deal" the UK can hope to achieve with the European Union. That is, a deal which she believes offers Britain frictionless trade between the UK and the Continent, while also retaining a soft border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This, however, was by no means a unanimous view within the chamber today. Indeed, some believe that the agreement will not pass parliament.

Hammond reveals Brexit may make UK poorer after Mizen Group warn of potential impact on construction

The Chancellor Philip Hammond this morning revealed that new government economic analysis suggests that the UK's economy will suffer as a result of any form of Brexit. The property sector is one area that may face particular difficulty and Mizen Group argued in their recent contribution to The Parliamentary Review that "EU migrants are necessary for the British construction industry to support the maintenance and expansion of economic activity."

As CO2 emissions rise, Avocet champions clean fuel

The UN has published a report which states that CO2 emission levels have risen for the first time in four years. The emissions gap report details the difference between the levels needed to ensure that the planet remains within safe temperature boundaries and current rates of emission. According to the report, global emissions are now not likely to peak until 2030, ten years later than originally predicted. Avocet Infinite have been driving the campaign to switch to fossil fuel alternatives and produce a methanol based fuel that produces no carbon emissions.

Treasury release transport spending data after Omnibus call for increased use of technology

In the latest Transport Edition of the Review, two-time contributor Omnibus discussed how it is using technology to increase efficiency in public transport, a comment that appears increasingly relevant given the Treasuries report into the efficiency of government spending. The report stated that in London, the government spends over £1,000 per person on transport each year.

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