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National Audit Office to investigate unfair NHS penalty charges

The National Audit Office will conduct an investigation into whether hundreds of thousands of people have been unfairly fined for wrongly claiming free dental treatment. The investigation, due to start this spring, follows claims that many have received undue penalties, often simply for ticking the wrong box on a form.

Barnier tells UK that backstop cannot be renegotiated

Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief negotiator, has announced to the UK the Irish backstop will not be negotiated. He claimed that this part of the arrangement was “part and parcel.” This, it is believed, negates May's ambitions of reworking her previous deal which failed to win the assent of parliament.

MPs call for backstop to be replaced by “alternative arrangements”

MPs have voted to support an amendment tabled by Sir Graham Brady which supports May’s withdrawal agreement but calls for the replacement of the Northern Ireland backstop with “alternative arrangements.”

Corbyn says Brexit delay is unavoidable

As the 29 March deadline approaches, Jeremy Corbyn says that it is "inevitable" that the government will have to delay Brexit. His reasoning is that there is not enough time to pass all of the required legislation. Along with his party, he backs the idea of a three-month delay before Article 50 is put into action.

May set to reopen negotiations with the EU

The Prime Minister Theresa May told parliament today that she will reopen negotiations with the European Union in attempt to secure "significant and legally binding change" to the backstop arrangement

Teachers to be offered cash incentives to stay in the classroom

In order to remedy the recruitment issue many in the education sector are currently experiencing, ministers have published plans to offer financial incentives to young teachers. Under these proposals, which were released earlier today, some young secondary teachers would be entitled to a £5,000 bonus in their third and fifth years in the classroom.

EU Deputy Chief Negotiator says chances of no-deal are "very high" as MPs prepare to vote on amendments

The EU's Deputy Chief Negotiator Sabine Weyand told an event in Brussels today that chance of the UK leaving the European Union without a deal was "very high".

Hammond: EU can help UK save deal

The Chancellor Philip Hammond told the BBC today that the EU may be ready to concede on some its "red lines" over a potential deal with the UK

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