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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from A T Stannard is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Simon Edwards, commercial
manager, and Steve Bowen,
operations manager
Our family-focused approach has
contributed to our continuous success
AT Stannard, based in Sittingbourne, Kent, are a leading
specialist in reinstatement and surfacing. Founded in
1990, they have since built a strong reputation for
quality and reliability, working with local authorities, utility
companies and construction companies across the south of
England.Their small, family-like business approach across a
challenging and competitive industry has enabled them to
tirelessly accommodate and effectively service all their clients;
operations manager Steven Bowen elaborates.
Although we are based in Kent, we cover all regions within the south of England.
Our expertise is within the utility sectors, dealing with highways and local
authorities, and we offer a full turnkey operation from project management and
strategic planning to the final wash-down and site clear. We have experts in
excavating, materials logistics, recycling, repairing utility assets or installing new
apparatus, backfill and reinstatement.
Our staff are highly trained, and we constantly raise the bar when it comes to
staff development. Reinvestment in our staff is so important; it allows our team to
constantly improve and keep the company at the top of this growing industry.
Demonstrable successes
We have grown rapidly over the last three years, increasing our turnover by 34
per cent over that period. From a reinstatement and civil specialist background,
we have since diversified and entered the utilities and construction sectors.
»Owner: Adrian Stannard
»Managing director:
»Established in 1990
»Based in Sittingbourne, Kent
»Services: Tarmac,
reinstatement and utility
»No. of employees: 80
»Work across the southeast and
»Our personal touch sets us
aside from other companies
AT Stannard
Highlighting best practice
Wearecurrently working on a small
project in Whitstable, and we have
many other projects scheduled over
the next 18 months. Our construction
team are becoming busier and busier
every day as a result of the expected
surge in this industry. Our own fast
but measured growth is down to our
leadership team’s desire to expand,
alongside their vision of a better future
for both employees and stakeholders.
We have gone from strength to strength
over the last few years, being awarded
contracts with such names as Thames
Water, Skanska, Barhale, Morrison,
Murphy, Kier and Clancy Docwra.
Why we’re successful
»We have competent, experienced
and well-educated staff who we
invest in. They can effectively deliver
work with a “right first time”
»We work collaboratively with key
suppliers to improve performance
and exercise industry best practice.
»A proactive, “zero harm” approach
to safety, health, the environment,
sustainability and wellbeing.
»We are active members of the
Supply Chain Sustainability School,
which has specifically helped us
identify and manage issues such
as awareness of modern slavery,
diversity, fairness, inclusion and
»We manage the end-to-end process
to reduce the amount of defective
work caused by different trade
contractor interfaces. All operational
teams will ensure every job is
completed to Highways Authorities
and Utilities Committee (HAUC)
»Our compliance team monitor and
check jobs as they are completed
or meet milestones to ensure the
required quality is achieved, and
our GPS-enabled digital reporting
technology provides the client with
real-time photographic evidence.
On the ground
We are very proud of our outstanding
health and safety record. With near-
miss reporting, we have been able
to identify areas to concentrate on
for further improvement. We carry
out toolbox talks and HSE updates
weekly, which are briefed to all teams
by our supervisors. This ensures our
teams are up to date with the latest
changes in legislation. We have regular
training days with the crews to ensure
their qualifications are current and
appropriate for the workstream they’re
operating on during any givenday.
We use a system called SWIMS to
manage our workstream. This cloud-
based software platform is hugely
beneficial at all the different levels of
our business, allowing anyone from
admin staff to director level to see
what teams are doing, live and on site.
All AT Stannard teams are extensively
trained, and utilise electronic devices to
record photographs of every stage of
the job. This is also hugely important
for health and safety, quality control
Approximately 40,000
patches similar to this
are completed every year
We work
with key
suppliers to
and exercise
industry best
and productivity. It allows us to
strategically ensure highways are clear
before the peak usage times and, in
the long run, can also contribute to
improved traffic flows.
Appropriately accredited
We have recently invested in a new
fleet of lorries to carry out our daily
tasks; these are all fitted with the latest
low-emission, fuel-efficient engines.
We run our own fleet of approximately
forty vehicles, and currently hold the
Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme
(FORS) Bronze accreditation; we plan
on attaining Silver within the next 12
months. All drivers are trained to be
aware of vulnerable road users, and
our vehicle routes are planned to avoid
schools and other congested spots at
peak times.
Our materials are sourced from trusted,
certified and guaranteed suppliers, in
accordance with the BSI’s BES6001
accreditation for responsible sourcing;
this includes shingle, stone, tarmac,
concrete, resin-based products, topsoil
and grass seed plus all white-top
materials that one might use for a
pavement or footpath, for example.
Here at AT Stannard we have also
been accredited to ISO 9001, 14001
and 18001, as well as having achieved
Building Confidence level 4 and
Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB)
certification. We are now working hard
towards FORS Silver; it’s undoubtedly
our next goal in this regard.
The central industry issue we see day
in, day out really is payment. Long
payment terms of 45 or 60 days can be
incredibly threatening for a company
of our size; although the fair payment
charter and construction supply chain
payment charter have helped, this has
not stopped historic late payments
from some of the larger construction
companies we have worked with in
To ensure true industry integrity and
unison, and to allow us to work as
efficiently as possible within the sector,
we must see a fundamental change
not just in legislation, but in culture.
The future
Our vision at AT Stannard is to
maintain steady, profitable growth in a
safe and sustainable way. We want to
do this, however, while also ensuring
that we work closely with our clients,
aligning our goals with this sentiment
and using a personal touch to get
the job done. We want to be able to
continue investing in our people and
our plant, and one day we hope to
become a utility contractor of choice.
For now, however, the focus is on
working collaboratively with our
existing clients to retain our long-term
contracts, which will, in turn, provide
us with a good platform to develop
new relationships.
growth in a
safe and
We are very proud of
our outstanding health
and safety record


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