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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Abzorb is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.


Highlighting best practice
Steve Beeby, managing director
Services fit for a new digital era, where
users get exactly what they want, when
they need it and with no hassle
Based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, Abzorb is an award-
winning telecommunications provider that empowers its
customers to do business better. Here, Abzorb’s managing
director Steve Beeby tells us why he is passionate about creating
innovative telecoms technologies that enable businesses to
thrive in today’s digital age.
Embracing digital disruption in the telecommunications industry
In an always-online society there is an unprecedented level of expectation from
customers. Consequently, businesses must continuously up their game and remove
the pain points from their industry before somebody else does it for them.
We are living in a digital age where people will check broadband speeds before
moving to a new area. Equally, mobile web browsing has now overtaken desktop.
Everything has changed, and businesses are having to adapt to thrive and survive in
a mobile-first world. These are just a few reasons why we believe making it easier
for our customers to do business is paramount.
At Abzorb, we are proud that our client-centric approach is removing all of
the inherited problems from the former analogue world and providing instead
services that enable seamless communications across a myriad of devices in a new
Before we explain how we do this, we need to understand the problems that are
frequenting the telecoms industry.
»Managing director: Steve Beeby
»Established in 1992
»Based in Brighouse, West
»Services: Award-winning
telecoms solutions, offering
mobile phones, fixed lines,
phone systems and network
»No. of employees: 70
»Customers range from mid-tier
businesses with 50 employees
to large UK universities and
Premier League football clubs
What are the problems facing
the industry?
Many nationwide businesses are
locked into telephony contracts that
are restrictive and counterproductive
to business needs and requirements.
For example, mobile networks such
as Vodafone, EE and O2 will all have
different performance levels across
the country. If a CEO moved into an
area where there was a performance
reduction on the business network of
choice, frustration will quickly ensue.
Many companies are locked into
contracts with one mobile network.
If a business is fortunate to have a
clause in their contract that enables
them to move a user to another mobile
network, the transferring of their
number to a network currently involves
a frustrating process:
1. Navigating long-winded phone
menus and dealing with multiple
people in a call centre.
2. Waiting at least 24 hours to transfer a
mobile number across to a new network.
3. Facing additional admin responsibilities
that come with managing multiple
billing systems and contracts.
A to high-speed broadband
for homes and businesses
The opportunity for a fast and reliable
internet connection for all 65 million
UK inhabitants is a fantastic idea by the
government. The digital transformation
of everything has seen an online
connection become much more than
a luxury or a nice-to-have; it is now a
crucial service.
Access to the internet is now seen as
a utility in the same way electricity
or water is. To thrive in a digital age,
it stands to reason that everyone
should have the option of accessing
high-speed internet regardless of their
location or social standing. However,
this also represents a significant
challenge for UK broadband providers
who are expected to pick up the tab.
What does Abzorb do
At Abzorb, we recognise that flexibility
is the new currency for businesses
and that users will need to switch
networks as circumstances change, for
example, when they relocate or move
house. The days of 9-5 business hours
are long gone. We are now living in a
24/7 society and services must evolve
to meet these new expectations.
In our experience, our customers do
not want to navigate a call centre
menu or be told that their call is
important to them while on hold
for 30 minutes. It should not matter
if you have a hardware or software
problem; most people want to call one
number that enables them to speak
to someone who will help them fix
Most businesses want a personalised
service that puts simplicity at the top
of the agenda. These are just a few
reasons why we decided to transform
the entire telephony experience
Most businesses want a
personalised service
We set out to
remove all of our
business owners
frustrations and
deliver services
fit for a new
digital era, where
users get exactly
what they want,
when they need
it and with no
Highlighting best practice
forbusinesses. We set out to remove
all of our business owners’ biggest
frustrations and deliver services fit for
a new digital era, where users get
exactly what they want, when they
need it and with no hassle. This means:
1. All our customers have one number
that they can call 24 hours a day where
a “real person” will answer their call
within seven rings.
2. Transferring a number to another
network can be achieved in minutes
rather than hours.
3. Customers can seamlessly switch
their users between all three mobile
networks: Vodafone, EE and O2.
4. All of the above is managed on
one bill and through an always-online
service portal.
Our diverse portfolio enables us to
provide a variety of services. Essentially,
we are both a network service provider
and reseller that can provide hosted
solutions, broadband, leased lines,
mobiles and the ability to administrate
an entire estate from one location.
However, what distinguishes Absorb
from other providers is our ability to
offer a one-stop solution and ongoing
support to ensure that businesses
remain connected in an always-
By migrating away from fragmented
services and restrictive contracts,
our clients are choosing the luxury
of having everything under one roof
and on their terms. Having one bill
for all services and one number to
call (that is answered by an expert),
is proving to be a big hit and
raising the expectation levels of our
It’s not about being the cheapest
option on the market; it’s about
providing the best service that
increases efficiency and productivity for
our customers. While other resellers
have access to similar technologies,
it quickly becomes a cumbersome
exercise when businesses discover that
the finished solution involves multiple
contracts and bills tomanage.
How we did it
In removing third parties and those
that add little value, we replaced
them with our secret ingredients
of efficiency and simplicity.
Communication and collaboration
have never been more important, so
we decided to unify all communication
methods. That is, three mobile
networks, broadband, VOIP, data
networks, hosted and leasing options
that are all integrated in one place and
managed under an online portal. An
Abzorb reseller can also provide and
easily wrap all of these services into a
single contract and bill.
Essentially, we help our customers do
business better and are passionate
about doing just that by unifying
their business communications with
an end-to-end solution. After all,
communication is the lifeblood of
every successful business.
have never
been more
important, so
we decided to
unify all
Access to the internet is
now seen as a utility in
the same way electricity
or water is


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