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Highlighting best practice as a representative in The Parliamentary Review

The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Agri Advisor is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Highlighting best practice
Founder Dr Nerys Llewelyn
Agri Advisor offer specialist services to countryside
communities, travelling across Wales to provide legal
advice to landowners, farmers and rural people.
Focusing on agricultural law, they are able to meet the needs
of their clients with a high standard of expertise and personal
engagement. As the majority of their employees are bilingual,
they are able to communicate with each individual in an
environment that suits their needs. Having recently expanded
into Herefordshire, they aim to further develop their practice.
Founder Dr Nerys Llewelyn Jones explains the history of the firm
and how they have adapted to meet the challenges in thesector.
We are a niche law firm specialising in agricultural law, established in 2011. Our
company began its life in my spare bedroom, and we have grown to include
three offices across Wales. More recently, we have expanded to include an office
in Herefordshire. The convenience of the offices to the rural communities that
we serve is central to the ethos of the business, and we tailor our practices to
fulfil the needs of our customers. Whether this involves remaining close to these
communities or having the space to be able to turn a Land Rover and horsebox at
each office location, our clients benefit from this attention to detail. We continue
to be based on a farm in Carmarthenshire, staying close to the sector that weserve.
A speciality in rural services
I established the company after working as a solicitor for a number of years.
Prior to this, I completed a PhD in sustainable agriculture and its implementation
at international, European and regional levels. I regularly speak on matters of
agricultural policy in the UK and Europe, and my expertise has assisted in building
the profile of the firm within the rural communities it serves.
It is not just about being a law firm these days. It is essential that wider services be
offered that meet the specific needs of every user. Our team at Agri Advisor have
specialist skills, knowledge and experience, which set us apart and ensure that our
clients get the best possible service. Work is referred to us on recommendation
because our specialist service is sought after and desired.
In order to serve the needs of our clients better, we also endeavour to collaborate
with other local specialists, including accountants and land agents. By working
together, we are able to provide a more complete service. This focus on teamwork
extends into our practice, and staff are often grouped by their respectivespecialities.
There is a common-sense approach to what we do. We think about how something
will affect a client in a practical way and try to make sure that solutions are feasible
in both the short and long term. The issues and problems faced by rural people are
unique and require a different approach and understanding to more urban concerns.
»Founder: Dr Nerys Llewelyn
»Founded in 2011
»Head office in rural
Carmarthenshire with offices
in mid Wales, South Wales
and Herefordshire
»Services: Agricultural law and
»No. of employees: 20
Agri Advisor
Consulting on post-Brexit
Farming businesses have to ensure that
they comply with the complexity of
agricultural law. We therefore need to
be able to advise on the law but also
on government policies and grants,
planning requirements and taxation. It
is important to keep abreast of policy
developments, and we actively engage
in consultations on policy changes.
More recently, this has included
contributing our views to the policies
and schemes that will be implemented
post-Brexit. It is an anxious time for
rural communities, and farmers are
uncertain as to how trading rules may
affect them and the prices they get
for their products. In response to this,
we have developed a new commercial
service, offering support to farmers,
producers and agribusinesses.
The Trade Advisor service provides
tailored business, legal and trade advice
to ensure that any business is ready
to take advantage of international
trade opportunities. Businesses will be
looking to trade in what will soon be
a very different export landscape. This
package meets the need for trusted
advice on important issues such as
business structures and contractual
relationships. We will also offer
expert advice on the legal and trading
mechanisms in the countries that clients
are looking to sell into. This service will
help each business to identify the areas
where they requireadvice.
As a Welsh firm, our ability to offer a
bilingual service is extremely important.
We try to make sure that everyone is
always welcomed and made to feel
at home. Roughly half of our work is
conducted in Welsh. This includes the
majority of oral meetings and phone
calls, although our written work is
predominantly in English. This level
of support is essential to ensure that
our clients feel comfortable talking
with us about what can be very
sensitive issues.We also regularly
visit customers on their respective
farms, as this enables us to get a
greater understanding of who we are
serving and helps to put their aims
and objectives in context. We are
conscious that a farmer does not work
nine o’clock to five o’clock, and we
therefore offer flexibility to make sure
that we are able to accommodate our
clients’ timetables. All members of staff
have a connection to or affinity with
rural areas, with many having grown
up on farms and thus having personal
experience of farming.
Looking forward, we hope to extend
our coverage of Wales and expand
further into England. A key reason
for this expansion is to prepare for
possible changes in the jurisdiction of
Wales. By continuing to develop our
services, we will be better able to serve
rural areas that are suffering from a
significant dearth of legal advice. With
high street firms closing, these areas
are significantly underserved. This
often means we have to travel across
the country to visit clients, as they are
unable to find any local practices. By
continuing to adhere to our client-
centred approach and developing
our existing specialities, we are
confident we will be able to continue
to serve rural communities with the
highest standard of professionalism
Nerys networking at the
Royal Welsh Winter Fair
As a Welsh firm,
our ability to
offer a bilingual
service is
important. We
try to make sure
that everyone is
welcomed and
made to feel at

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