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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Alba Power is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

General Manager Neil McKenzie
Working worldwide, with headquarters
in Scotland, the USA and Canada
The world depends on the proper functioning of turbines,
which is why the services of Aberdeenshire-based Alba
Power are so valued on a global scale. The services they
provide mean that whenever such machines fall out of action,
vital services will not go interrupted. The key to success, Alba
Power believe, is listening closely to customers’ needs and
providing the strong technical expertise required to meet those
needs. Neil McKenzie, their operations director, offers a fuller
insight into this difficult technical task.
We started Alba as a relatively small company, but through our expertise, tenacity,
commitment to customer service and appetite for global growth, we are now one
of the go-to companies for turbine repairs. This is an enviable position given how
niche much of what we do is. Key to all of this has been our ability to communicate
with clients and understand their exact needs. Ultimately, when we’ve proven
ourselves to a client, they stay with us. To this day, even with the success we’ve
already accumulated, we still strive to set the benchmark that others in the industry
aspire to. To continue our success, we will always encourage a culture and work
ethic that can keep up with this critical and deeply technical industry. We ensure
that these core values of diligence and close collaboration are understood at all
levels of the company.
One oil and gas operator said of us: “I was accepted into the team and I felt
that they really did appreciate my input. Once again the people at Alba Power
pulled out all the stops to try and meet our requirements, and succeeded beyond
»General Manager and
Director: NeilMcKenzie
»Managing Director:
»Founded in 2003
»Located in Aberdeen, Scotland
»Services: Overhaul and supply
of turbines (gas marine
and power), as well as
»No. of employees: 79
»Since opening its doors in
2003, their turnover has
increased by 420 per cent to
Alba Power
Highlighting best practice
Worldwide excellence and
Working the world over, we are
an award-winning and passionate
overhaul and repair team, whose goal
it is to keep facilities in the energy
and chemical sectors running at full
functionality. We do this with a keen
eye to providing the best-possible
customer service, allowing our clients
peace of mind, confidence and cost-
management capabilities. Our main
focus is on turbines of aeroderivative,
industrial, power and marine types.
We are particularly proud of our
partnership approach and our strong
adherence to the values of reliability,
responsiveness and accountability. In
addition to this, we possess between
us an outstanding knowledge of
products within the industry and
a strong grasp of technical details.
Regardless of age, condition or
type, we offer high-level support for
everyone. All of this is done with
uninterrupted, 24-hours-a-day support
for our clients.
Because of all this, we have established
ourselves as one of the world’s most
responsive providers of repair and
support services for industrial control
systems. Our key strengths are in
dealing with RB211, Olympus, Avon,
Spey, Tyne and Power turbines. We
are also particularly strong in the
maintenance of control systems where
conventional OEM support is no
Our presence is truly worldwide, with
– in addition to our head office in
Scotland – headquarters in Houston
and Ontario. This allows us unrivalled
capability and rapidity in terms of
worldwide responsiveness to our
clients. Indeed, roughly 80 per cent
of our work is done abroad, with
many projects taking place in northern
Europe and some in the Middle East.
Global challenges
As a company, we continue to go
from strength to strength and have
experienced strong and reliable
growth over the last decade and a
Specialising in RB211,
Olympus, Avon, Spey,
Tyne and Power turbines
Even with the
success we’ve
we still strive
to set the
that others in
the industry
aspire to
half. Alongthe way, however, there
have been challenges. Being global
brings it benefits, but it can also
complicate our business, and it’s in
this area – imports and exports – that
we’ve encountered some of our most
serious challenges. The rules are
becoming ever more complex, and we
have to keep up with this constantly
changing landscape.
Because we’re a niche company
working in a niche area, many of the
problems we face lack precedent, so
we must chart our own territory. This
also means we must provide bespoke
solutions, which is both a challenge
and an advantage for us. Although
it allows us to provide a service that
many others cannot provide, it also
means we have to recruit in a very
specialist manner. There are not a
lot of trained people in this sector,
so we’ve decided to create our own
apprenticeship scheme, which will help
us in terms of staffing. Although this
is a challenge, it is one that we gladly
and reliably meet. In fact, it’s at the
very core of our service.
Regarding Brexit, we feel – at the
time of writing this – that there is
not enough certainty. Even by the
time certainty has arrived, we will
nonetheless have been set back by
how long it took for a course of
action to be decided on by the UK
government. When we are asked by
people in the industry how this political
development will affect us, we still
cannot give them a conclusiveanswer.
We have positive forecasts of the
future. We are always evolving our
market share and see no reason for
this development to come to a halt
anytime soon. Our success in global
markets has led us to consider setting
up a satellite facility in the Middle East,
which would also help our expansion
into Asia. Indeed, we are already doing
a long-term contract in Vietnam and
are looking to find yet more work in
Indonesia. Whatever happens in the
global market, we have an excellent and
specialised service which will always be
in demand – and, for that reason, we
look forward with a sense of optimism.
There are not a
lot of trained
people in this
sector, so we’ve
decided to
create our own
A leader in turbine

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