Highlighting best practice
Lorrin White, managing director
The advancement of technology in telecommunications
has, in the last 20 years, ensured that the UK has kept
pace with its international counterparts. As such, working
where you want and when you want has become a welcome
reality. There is still much to do for businesses in the UK like
Cheltenham-based Bamboo Technology Group, businesses that
are passionate about taking UK infrastructure to the next level.
As one of a small number of UK providers working directly with
full fibre network operators to light up parts of the UK, they
hope to see the economy profit from heightened connectivity
nationwide. They are now partnering with CityFibre to bring
smarter and faster data connectivity to businesses in the
southwest, as being connected is now largely a presumed state
of normalcy.
At Bamboo, we believe that connected technology is at the forefront of business
thinking; with the change occurring in the industry and demands on network
capacity set to increase at exponential rates, this focus is of the utmost importance.
Aligning it with IT infrastructure solutions and long-term digital strategies is
imperative for secure and sustainable success. We focus on connectivity across the
full spectrum of established and emerging telecommunications. Always working on
the premise of helping businesses to move information from one place to another,
it is our primary purpose to work in partnership with the SME market and our own
»Managing director:
»Established in 1998
»Based in Cheltenham
»Services: Telecommunications
and ICT
»No. of employees: 50
»Partnership with CityFibre
bringing further connectivity
to businesses in the southwest
»Continual investment in
specialised development for
digital transformation
»Focus on quality and ISO
»Established partner channel
accounting for 40 per cent of
Bamboo Technology
Being smart about the future
With connectivity being a constant
priority throughout our business,
we embrace critical progressions in
technology. The latest of these is the
heavily publicised internet of things
(IoT): the ability for hardware or
software, in all forms, to be entirely
connected. We are too often led
to believe that IoT is a far more
complex technology, but this is not
the case; it is actually the next logical
step for growing connectivity and
infrastructure. We believe it will soon
enter everyone’s lives professionally
and privately, and, as such, it needs
to be recognised as a technology that
sits outside of mobile services. While
many people recognise the recent
market additions of home hubs or
smart speakers, few outside of the
industry would refer to it as “smart”
technology or, indeed, IoT.
Smart cities, smart homes and smart
technologies are all reliant on core
connectivity, and thus our placement
in the provision of that connectivity,
locally, regionally and nationally,
becomes ever more important. So, as
we position our team to accommodate
ever-improving UK infrastructure,
we too embrace the introduction
of solutions that utilise the basis of
connectivity. Just as we have grown up
through the mobile industry, we are
extending our capabilities into that of
specific, smart, vertical solutions in the
IoT space. Providing the connectivity
and partnering with solutions
architects, product manufacturers and
entrepreneurial disruptors is just the
Being involved in technology that can
help us capture data and, from that
data, learn behaviours and usage
that drives process change is a real
privilege. To be part of the experience
economy, and to be able to apply
solutions that effect positive change in
people’s lives, is an aspiration for many
of our team. We all have a desire to
redefine the perception of telecoms
and IT. We are enablers of growth and
positive change and would like to be
celebrated as such.
As many of our industry analysts state,
the number of connected devices is
set to grow exponentially. In January
2017, they recognised almost six and a
half billion connections of this nature;
those same analysts are predicting 20.4
billion connected devices by 2020.
Becoming the partner of
Improving quality and growing our
connectivity capability alone won’t
guarantee success. Again, our industry
analysts tell us that small and large
companies want to work with smaller,
more agile providers that can operate
within niche, quality-controlled and
solution-focused environments.
The trend for telecommunications
and IT convergence is continuing;
the last few years have seen a stark
shift from companies operating these
departments themselves to deploying
specialised IT decision-makers for
these purposes. Gone are the days Bamboo customer portal
To be part of
the experience
economy, and
to be able to
apply solutions
that effect
positive change
in people’s lives,
is an aspiration
for many of our
Highlighting best practice
of selling a product that no one else
had to offer for a price you couldn’t
get anywhere else. Our buyers today
want our vision, our experience and a
partnership to explore their own digital
and IT strategies. They also want an
open attitude to change, the agility to
deliver that and the stability to sustain
it. We look to fulfil all of these criteria.
It’s about staying ahead of the game,
no matter your size. We provide
effective service, and have been
the first to deliver groundbreaking
services such as wholesale monitoring
Champion integrity
Authenticity and integrity are key
factors in our development, both in
our industry and our clients’. Our key
metrics centre on the ability to control
as much of what we do as possible
by removing third-party reliance. The
introduction of our Vodafone Service
Provider relationship in 2017, alongside
our long standing partnership with O2,
has allowed us to offer direct multi-
network access.
We have a constant, determined
focus on our own systems, and the
integration thereof, to allow us to
deliver tailored and unique support, no
matter the issue.
Playing the long game
Bamboo is currently the only multi-
network service provider that is
both headquartered and actively
operating in the southwest. A large
proportion of our revenue is and
has historically been generated by
working in the healthcare, construction
and professional services sectors.
Many clients remain with us for
five to ten years, and know that
we always deliver. We simplify the
complex by focusing on the desired
business objectives rather than
saturating solutions with unnecessary
tech. Wemake information
and communication technology
understandable and progressive
with the aim of becoming trusted
technology advisers.
To secure this aim, we need to
acquire the skills required to
offer small corporations the agile,
appropriate and accredited support
they need for focused business
targets and growth. This means
acquisition and partnership through
strategic supply chain decisions, and
cementing a relationship with niche
IT players, IoT solution providers
and new technology entrants. We
aim to be the leading managed
service provider in the southwest.
Generating interest and attracting
the right talent now, and for the
future, is of critical importance when
it comes to seeing this goal achieved.
Protecting the long-term interests
of our industry is something we are
passionate about; and cultivating
the Bamboo employees of the future
through STEM further education and
apprenticeships are the only ways
forward we can see.
Understanding customers’ business
and strategies – growth, development
and digital – means we can all play the
long game and connect and grow.
Our buyers
today want
our vision, our
and a
partnership to
explore their
own digital
and IT
Gigabit City Cheltenham