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The ability to listen and learn from one another has always been vital in parliament, in business and in most aspects of daily life. But at this particular moment in time, as national and global events continue to reiterate, it is uncommonly crucial that we forge new channels of communication and reinforce existing ones. The following article from Bitrez Group Ltd is an attempt to do just that. We would welcome your thoughts on this or any other Parliamentary Review article.

Managing Director
Paul H Jones FRSC
World class polymer design
Bitrez Ltd is the UK’s leading privately owned designer,
developer and manufacturer of speciality polymers. The
company has an annual turnover of approximately £25
million and employs around a hundred people. Founded in
1982, Bitrez was named for the range of bitumen and resin
products offered at the time. Discontented with their roles
working for another chemical manufacturer, Brian Allen and
Peter Mangnall founded the business, and a young laboratory
technician called Paul Jones FRSC rose through the ranks to
ultimately partner with them. Now the managing director of the
company, Paul tells
The Parliamentary Review
We have established ourselves as a dynamic niche speciality resin supplier with
the capability to formulate and develop products and take them to market quickly
and efficiently. With two manufacturing sites located in the north of England, we
synthesise a variety of resin types. These products service the speciality coatings,
composite, defence, transport and marine sectors.
We tend to focus on supply of new products to market leaders who both value
and can use our technology to enhance their own IP and differentiate from their
competition.The use of our products to provide enhanced performance or a safer
environment has contributed to our success and theirs too.
We have a strong emphasis on innovative product design to satisfy stringent
regulatory demands. We utilise both the skills and expertise of our development
»Directors: Paul H Jones and
Brian Allen
»Established in 1982
»Based in Wigan
»Services: Specialist Polymers
»No. of employees: 100
Bitrez Group Ltd
Highlighting best practice
team and the attributes of our
operations personnel to satisfy all our
customer needs. We use a hierarchy
of systems and controls to reduce
inherent risks to those who work for us
and those we work for.
We look at environmental
improvements and have programmes
to develop greener products, replacing
petrochemical derivatives while
maintaining the desired technical
Compliance and reliance
We have developed products that
comply with regulatory and media
pressures. Bisphenol A, or BPA,
received extensive media coverage
as an endocrine disrupter, and the
BPA-free products developed for use
with non-BPA-based co-reactants
won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise
in the Innovation category as well as
an IChemE Global Award. Ketamine
curing agents for epoxy resins have
brought about extensive interest, as
conventional ketamine grades were
lost to the European market due to
REACH (Regulation for Registration,
Evaluation, Authorisation and
Restriction of Chemicals). Our REACH-
compliant grades are the only globally
compliant materials available today.
We are showcasing some new bio-
based polyfurfuryl alcohol PFA resins
at the JEC World (the world’s largest
composites exhibition) and at the
American Coating Show, our first
time at this prestigious event and
vital for expanding our presence in
the USA.These PFA resins offer a low
hazard rating and are derived from
sustainable feedstock. These are just
some examples of the innovative
products that are brought to market
and satisfy the new demands our
customer base has faced.
Moving up the ranks
Our staff development and training
programmes are planned and
structured to try to encourage
progression in the business. We
operate open-door policies, and we
try to nurture a positive attitude to
growth. Opportunities are available
for those wanting to progress, and I
myself progressed through the ranks of
the business before owning it.
We have recently transitioned to a
24/7 operation, undertaking significant
Queen’s Award for
BPA free
developed for
use with non-
BPA based
won a
Award for
Enterprise in
the Innovation
recruitment and the ensuing training
requirements for our operations. This
is an ongoing process, and our training
programme evolves constantly to
take account of changes in processes,
systems and plant designs.
Staying ahead of the game
We face many challenges, especially
from some aggressive overseas
competition, and our aim is to
stay ahead of these organisations.
Development and new technology are
key to our survival and staying ahead.
In order to do this, we need a clear
understanding of our remit, taking
into consideration any future-proof
requirements with an understanding
of what else will be subjected to
regulatory restriction based on
currently questioned or suspected
problematic materials and analogous
chemical structures.Thereafter, it is
a question of ensuring the product
design meets with the technical and
performance demands and is fit for
purpose. Over-engineering a product
that becomes too costly can also
restrict market penetration.
Being involved in the packaging
coating sector for many years forced
us to cultivate a focus on regulatory
compliance when developing
products. The food packaging
sector has long since operated with
more stringent controls than other
industrial coatings sectors. We have
been schooled in the generation
of products with an absence or
reduction in specific monomer types,
which has put us in good stead for
the current changes across all of
industry with the advent of global
harmonisation. In turn, we have been
able to quickly respond to market
changes and introduce new compliant
products to satisfy problematic
The prevailing situation has brought
about uncertainty, which has
caused erratic purchasing patterns,
stocking and planning issues as
well as speculation regarding future
pricing competitiveness as a result
of duties and tariffs. We believe the
regulatory requirements associated
with REACH and the UK interpretation
driven through the Health and Safety
Executive have been handled quite well
and open up further opportunities.
Future opportunities
The current COVID-19 pandemic has
presented additional challenges. We
are however positive about the future
and have lined up numerous prospects.
To protect our interests, we believe we
need further geographic reach, as we
see scope for issues with raw material
availability and price volatility which
will have a negative impact on the UK.
We have aligned ourselves with a
competitor in the US to service North
America with new high-performance
resin systems and provide regulatory
compliance with material imported
into Europe. Innovative technology
is the lifeblood of the business. We
face the challenges that lie ahead with
confidence and belief in the products
we develop today and those proposed
for tomorrow.
technology is
the lifeblood of
the business.
We face the
challenges that
lie ahead with
confidence and
belief in the
products we
develop today
and those
proposed for
Georgia Pacific North
America agreement

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